1.3 million Diesel-powered Cars threaten bans

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Owners of older Diesel Cars have to adjust to more driving bans. You could relate to, according to a report, 1.3 million vehicles. Commuters are not taken into account in the estimation.

In Germany, according to one estimate, at least 1.3 million Cars from driving could prohibited be affected for older Diesel. This is evident from the answer of the German Federal Ministry of transport on a request from the Green group in the Bundestag, reports the Newspapers of the Funke media group.

The Ministry of transport, according to 475,000 cars in the 43 most severely affected by the nitrogen oxide polluted cities with the exhaust emission standard Euro 4 approved. With the newer Euro 5 standard of about 840,000 and vehicles to drive there. The cars with the older emission standard came up at the beginning of 2011 in the trade, and the newer ones up to September 2015.

Non-Diesel Cars, which their owners drive in from the countryside to the cities are included, according to the report. In addition, administrative courts would have to approve in all affected municipalities, a ban on driving due to high levels of pollutants in the air.

Green challenge the assumption of costs by the manufacturer

The green traffic expert Oliver Krischer said: “Just a hardware retrofit of Euro 5 diesel engines can now be the worst.” The auto companies would have to pay in any case. “You have a built-in cheap technology in the cleaning of exhaust gases and thereby increase your profits.”

He called on transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), the car manufacturer about a fine or a mandatory recall of the cars to force them to cooperation. The Minister “is not dependent on the voluntary participation of the manufacturer, as he performs again and again,” said Krischer.

A Takeover of the cost of hardware retrofit would not overtax the corporations, according to the Green politician: “Who has made in the last year, more than ten billion euros in profit that can also cope with a Hardware upgrade. Everything else you can not convey to the taxpayers.”

The strong with the harmful nitrogen oxide polluted cities, except Berlin exclusively in West Germany. Hamburg, Munich and Cologne are represented as well as smaller cities – for instance, Reutlingen, Germany, Düren, Mühlacker, or swords.

In Hamburg, there are already a limited ban on older Diesel, for Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main are bans planned. In the Federal government is a debate as to whether diesel exhaust should Hardware be retrofitted.


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