11 of the 15 wheels are defective

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Wheels are supposed to be fun and children playing in more Cycling to prepare. The Stiftung Warentest has tested the small car – almost all of them fell through.

Grips, saddles and tires – these parts make wheels according to Stiftung Warentest the difference. However, for safety and driving behavior, on the contrary, these parts are charged most often with hazardous substances.

Eleven of the 15 tested impellers were awarded the grade of “deficient”. Debt, so-called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS) were present in all cases. They often enter through contaminated extender oils, or soot particles in rubber or plastic parts. Although they are not acutely toxic, but carcinogenic and mutagenic, especially when children absorb them through the skin.

Stiftung Warentest

Risk of falling due to little ground clearance

Eight wheels were in PAK in grips or saddles that come very often and for a long time with the bare skin for the children is in contact. But also seven of the eight specimens with air-filled rubber tires were the high PAH values. The model is the Early Rider can pinch children also on the steerer tube, the Finger, the impeller “Strider” has freedom, however, in the case of the low-set saddle only a little soil and can remain on edge.

These eleven wheels fared in the Test, with the grade of “deficient”:

  • Puky LR 1L
  • Specialized Hotwalk
  • Kokua LikeaBike Mountain
  • Strider 12 Sport
  • Bike star Balance Bike-RU-12-ST-WD
  • Cube Cubie 120
  • Early Rider Lite
  • Hudora Impeller Seven 2.0
  • Kellys Kite 12
  • Rebel Kidz Steel Air 12.5-Inch Wheel
  • S’cool Pedex Race

The company Hudora, Kokua and Strider to provide their customers with an exchange of contaminated parts. Star-Trademarks, the maker of the brand bike star, wants to decide individually with the customer about the exchange of Parts of the entire impeller or a withdrawal.

Good copies starting at just 35 euros

A copy of the Chillafish BMX ie-RS, received a grade of “satisfactory”, after all, three slices of even “good”: The Puky LR1 (rating of 2.2), the Btwin Runride 100, as well as the Kettler Speedy 10-inch (both 2.5) impressed in the Test – in this case, the Btwin was with an average price of 35 Euro, even the cheapest model in the Test. But also the Speedy 10 inches with an average price of 40 Euro is much more expensive.

Stiftung Warentest / Hendrik Rauch

Here, children could pinch the Finger

The easiest handling is offered in the Test wheels, with a low entry and a stepping-stone on the children’s feet at a faster. A Steering stop is only helpful to a limited extent: Although the impact could be to limit insecure children, it is aggravating but to the curve, stated in the test report. A side stand is in any case necessary, because of this, the children can pinch the fingers and mostly the Small, set the impeller anyway, just on the floor.


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