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They are practical and easy to store: Compact electric bikes such as the i:SY-Drive S8 ZR are all the rage. However, not everyone with power.


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By Margret Hucko

Margret Hucko

Born in 1975, studied history, politics and economic and social history in Aachen. Training at the Axel Springer school of journalism. Wrote as an editor for “CAR IMAGE”, “Financial Times Deutschland” and “Capital”, and later she worked as a media coordinator for Greenpeace. In October 2013 at MIRROR ONLINE as an editor in the Department Auto, since January of 2018, Deputy head of Department in the Department mobility.

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Tuesday, 29.08.2017
11:50 PM

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The developer of the i:SY-Rads does not know my neighbor. Martin Kuhlmeier does know its customers. Exactly, he said to me a dialogue that I could later between Katrin, my neighbor, and her husband testify.

You, early forties, athletic: “The bike is my thing.”

He, in his early forties, athletic: “But for men is the nothing.”

You: “The color, the orange, the little wheels – I want to.”

First of all: At the i:SY-compact E-Bike, Hartje, lower Saxony, Hoya made divorce not a marriage, but only the ghosts. It appeals to women especially, and men seem less. About 60 percent of customers are female, says Nora Rolf Meier, who is responsible for the Marketing of the i:SY. What bothers men on the bike? The tyres was the criterion for exclusion, often hear them. Not about the price of 3099 euros. Who is a real guy, drives but not a children bike with 20-inch tires, is it.

But the critics said: It really comes down to the size! The i:SY drives, neither slower nor more uncomfortable than a bike with standard tyres. On the contrary, the small tires bring many benefits.

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i:SY DrivES 8ZR:
Even when Pushing the engine helps

An example is the excellent manoeuvrability. Big city in Spain or Italy to appreciate the. In the South of Europe, the Universal tire size, the sun also trailers, and transport wheels, is enjoying greater popularity than Here. A glance to the balconies in Milan or Madrid would be enough to make the Trend of the spec on this compact bike is visible, says Gunnar Fehlau from pressedienst-bike. The Mediterranean Bikeon – a balcony for bikes, not to often the German standard size of 28 – inches. The safe housing more expensive E-Bikes in cities is a Problem.

Where 20-inch tires are used:

The market for compact E-Bikes is growing steadily

Exactly this lack of conformity could boost the E-spec on this compact bike in the next few years, also in Germany. Florian Niklaus from the i:SY-competitors Winora sees from year-to-year increase in sales of such wheels. “There is no Explosion as in the case of E-mountain bikes, but a continuous development,” says the product Manager. The main buyers were either commuters that take their Bicycle with the train or driver of campers and mobile homes.

The i:SY is less flexible than a folding bike, but with a few handles still slim. The pedals can be used with the help of a Push-mechanism to create, the Arm is to the side. Many that’s enough. Who wants to take his bike regularly in the ICE, will not be with the i:SY happy. It is not so compact, to be able to make it in the fast trains of the older generations on Board.

For my neighbor Katrin, this is of secondary importance. You have never sat on an E-Bike and is only interested in how the wheel moves at all. The Lithium-ion battery (13,8 Ah/500 Wh), is activated by the push of a button. Either at the battery or directly on the Central Display. Pure luxury, such a level of convenience even expensive wheels tend to be rare. Everything works intuitively. Saddle up, start, and via a switch to the left of the Central Display is one of the driving stages from Eco to Sport. Katrin chooses to Tour, a medium support and drives off without problems. The pedalling assistance by the Bosch mid-motor, as they reported later, was significantly noticeable. Their joy, too – a broad Grin belongs in Pedelec premieres, usually to the Standard.

The pedalling assistance doing your job almost silently. This is perhaps the modern belt drive, because where other bikes have a greasy chain, works with the new i:SY a tight carbon tape. This has many advantages: It is maintenance-free, moisture or cold can affect him less. Thanks to better power transfer to the rear of the belt for faster Fort provides.

“At some point mountain bike 20-inch”

The cadence with a Eight-speed-Shimano-circuit rules, due to the E-support up to 25 km/h you can ride most of the time in the corridors of five to eight. Without E-support, it is no joy to drive with the i:SY. This is perhaps the biggest weak point, and he currently applies to almost all Pedelecs. Because of a weight (including battery) of at least 22.5 kilos is simply too high, with the sheer strength of stress-free progress.

Would developer Martin Kuhlmeier graduated with such a heavy weight on his first cycle race – who knows, maybe it hadn’t been for the i:SY. As a ten year old, he conspired with friends to a Sprint in the forest. Kuhlmeier built specifically for this purpose, a 20-inch wheel with coaster brake, no brake, just a gear. “I’ve saved the first goal,” he says today. Since then, the FahrradmaƟ convinced him. “At some point mountain bike 20-inch”, says the i:SY developers. And if not, he might just become one.

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