400 inhabitants of the village to get Hyperloop

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Five years ago, Elon Musk introduced the idea of a pneumatic tube for people. Now, the path could be realized, of all places, in a French village.

A French village with just 400 inhabitants, is to get the futuristic high-speed Hyperloop – test-track. The canadian Startup Transpod will still apply this week for the village of Droux a good 200 kilometres to the North-East of Bordeaux, a building permit, said company’s founder, S├ębastien Gendron. He is supported by local leaders.

The Hyperloop is advertised by the makers as a “train of the future”. He is supposed to transport travelers at a speed of more than a thousand kilometers per hour. For transportation of capsules – the so-called “Pods” – in a closed Tunnel with the electro-magnetic actuator is moving. The high speed to achieve a vacuum in the Tunnel, whereby the air resistance decreases.

Residents voice concerns

To view Gendron people and cargo as could be “with the speed of an aircraft in the rhythm of a subway promoted”. The Prefecture of the Haute-Vienne sees in the project a win for the Region, and had advertised for construction.

Against the three-kilometre-long test track in Droux, however, there is also resistance: At a town meeting, residents expressed concerns about a possible deterioration of the landscape or noise. A study of the environmental impact is still in the making.



The concept for the Zukunftszug had been introduced in 2013 by Elon Musk and aroused worldwide interest. Since then, several companies are working on the implementation. The city of Cupertino, headquarters of Apple and other IT companies want to solve with the futuristic solution to your commuting problems, the Virgin group billionaire Richard Branson has already invested in the technology.


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