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A of the A-class not dissimilar SUV with electric drive: the new Mercedes “EQC”
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Although it isn’t the electric debut of Mercedes. In 1972, there was a minibus as prototypes, 35 years later, the Smart came on the market. But the well presented SUV with two electric motors, promises more.

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          The long-awaited 4,76 meters long SUV is the first of ten Streamers, which will bring Daimler to 2022 on the market. Will be built in Bremen and later also in Beijing. The customer should forward to a real Mercedes, the promise of the managers, there is no compromising in comparison with a conventional vehicle, rather the contrary.

          Boris Schmidt

          Editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

          • F. A. Z.

          Two electric motors drive each axis, a sophisticated Management ensure that the performance, which is a maximum of 300 kW (408 HP), always arrives where it is needed. The maximum speed is with respect to the range to 180 km/h.

          The battery is located in the under floor, the EQC is a full-fledged five-seater with a boot capacity of 510 liters. Can be charged charging the battery at an appropriate charging station in just 40 minutes to 80 percent, with up to 110 kW. The range is according to the old NEDC standard 450 kilometers, according to the new WLTP Standard, the vehicles also applies to E -, there are still 400 kilometres. That, mathematically, the official of 22.2 kWh of power consumption is not enough to 100 kilometres to 450 kilometres, is due to the fact that this value also takes into account the essential load losses. These losses, which will Load in an inductive (contactless) even bigger, have led the Mercedes-Benz engineers, inductive not Charge for the time being. Quite apart from the additional cost.

          The battery-cooled liquid, it can be heated in Winter and has 384 cells, each of which is separately monitored. A, the entire battery is on strike. Whopping 600 pounds, another 50 pounds is attributable to a sub-frame and deformation elements, which serve to protect the battery in case of a severe Crash. Also, the Front of the battery is separately protected, so that lying on the street and high-flying tree Branches or tools, causing no damage. Should it occur a mechanical Defect, the battery is immediately “from the network” and no danger from go more.

          Qualified as a towing vehicle

          As with any electric car, the maximum torque is available immediately, it is 765 nm, and in order for the EQC to qualify as a towing vehicle. Ergo, there is also a trailer coupling as special equipment, and the hook of 1.8 tons. In Stuttgart, it is believed, but less of a career of the EQC as a towing vehicle, but one tends to think of the many bike riders who want to take your Bike, and a carrier on the trailer hitch.

          The electric motors are asynchronous, theoretically and practically, one could drive alone in the vehicle, should one fail. If in spite of all the intelligence, the Packed Mercedes-Benz in the car, the SUV remains even without the juice, it can be readily towed. However, to the extent that it will never come. The energy Management is designed for highest possible efficiency, the Recuperation, so the back of the energy food downhill or during braking, can be adjusted in five levels. In the lowest level must not be slowed down in General, so strong is the car is delayed.

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