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Toy cars are not just for kids. Collectors like Hot Wheels Fan, Jürgen Amberg hoarding thousands of models – some increase over the years significantly in value.


Fabian Hoberg

Fabian Hoberg

Wednesday, 31.10.2018
At 04:26

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Up under the ceiling, the cars stack up. Between 5000 and 6000 models to Park in the display cases, in all colors, sorted by topics. The room is a dream for collectors.

In the middle of Jürgen Amberg. The 53-Year-old has been collecting for 15 years of model cars from Hot Wheels, a brand of the game group Mattel. And only the: “Matchbox are a little to close to the original model, Siku to English – and agricultural machinery, I am,” says Amberg. “Hot Wheels builds, however, have always been cool cars.” Amberg loves models with flame paint job, performance enhanced US-cars of the pre-war time (Hot Rods), cars for acceleration races (drag racing) and modified production cars (Customized Cars).

Most expensive Hot Wheel model cost 72.000 US dollars

While in Germany, Matchbox is considered to be a Synonym for toy cars, say Americans just Hot Wheels (hot wheels). New vehicles in the scale 1:64 cost between one and ten Euro, rare historical models from France up to € 100, and prototypes up to 800 euros. The Amberg still be found at flea markets, swap meets and on eBay. As his Nascar race car prototype Thunderbird Stocker. “My pain threshold is at about 150 euros,” he says. It is significantly more expensive: The so far highest price achieved for a Hot-Wheels model is around 72,000 dollars – a 1969 VW Beach Bomb in original packaging.

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Passion for collecting:
At home with a Hot Wheels Fan

Because Mattel has not only little guys in focus, but also the Great collectors. The company provides 15 Times in the year large cartons with 72 individually packaged vehicles in a variety of colors in the shops. Certain models are only for once. A total of 130 new models per year come on the market.

Prized Van from the series the A-Team

Very rarely, for example, the black Van of the U.S. series “the A-Team”. Lovers pay for him today for about 20 euros – originally it cost a Euro.

“If you want to optimize its collection, you have to stay on the Ball,” says Jürgen Amberg. He buys only as many cars as he can exhibit in his room. He usually rattles once in a week, the toys shops in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, and acquires per month 30 to 40 cars. To do this, Make and model of car exchanges, where he also sold or exchanged. The year of the Hot Wheels, meeting collectors in Germany by about 100 participants from all over Europe.

Barbie manufacturer Mattel began 50 years ago on toy cars

The adult collector was the inventor and Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler, 50 years ago, not determined in view when he invented the brand Hot Wheels. According to the legend, rolled the toy car for his grandson, not right on the ground. In addition, they looked old-fashioned and boring.

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Mini mobile:
The “model car of the year 2017”

Engineer Handler worked on lightweight axles and rubber wheels, designed to be a model for the pressure die-casting production and left the cars soon finished. The toy-group Mattel, was until then, the only Barbie dolls. As the first car was a dark blue Chevrolet Camaro scale 1:64 from the tapes rolled, smoothly and quickly. A Hot Wheel in the sense of the word.

Passion for collecting started with a Baja Bug

The surfaces of the metal molds have been polished to a high gloss and then with a transparent color painted. There are 16 other American sports cars, convertibles, Vans and Trucks quickly followed. Until today, Hot Wheels has produced more than six billion cars – significantly more than Toyota, Ford, or VW.

Jürgen Amberg it is but on the mass, but on special vehicles. The passion for collecting began when he was looking for a model of the Baja Bug, which is a Buggy (car without roof) on VW beetle-base. After that, a 32 Ford Hot Rod ‘ 67 Camaro followed.

At the beginning of Amberg desolate to handle. As a fresh member on the Internet forum-Hot-Wheels-Collectors-Germany, he noticed how many different models there are. “Unlike many of the collectors: First, you collect everything, then you specialize. That was with me as well,” says the trained electronics engineer from Frankfurt. Later on, he committed himself to a collective theme, today it’s cars are American cars, Vans and off-road.

Amberg, mills, cuts, painted

Amberg is mainly blank and packaged vehicles, but in the case of rare vehicles exceptions. In the attic floor, he modified some of the vehicles, mills and reduces the body, painted it and changed the wheels. “With my friends I’m considered a little crazy, but most of them are fond of my Hot-Wheels-bedroom,” says Amberg, who works at an auto supplier. His nephew and his niece played here when they were visiting, two work colleagues, he has infected with his passion.

Amberg, Germany, sets also on the road on special cars. In addition to his everyday car – a Dacia Duster – Parking in his Garage with a homemade VW Buggy and a VW beetle California Look with 200 HP – a race car for the quarter mile. The vehicles he has restored itself, even the engines.

A real dream Amberg did not dare. Perhaps even a rare Ford Hot Rod 1929 or 1930 with a V8 engine. The then but not for the display Cabinet but for the street.

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