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The Octavia estate is storming the European sales rankings with the Skoda-typical Mix: a lot of space, low price, practical Details. And the new Generation drives with a clever engine concept.


Jürgen Pander

By Jürgen Pander

Thursday, 03.05.2018
At 04:20

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What is the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Poland and Switzerland have in common? In these five countries of Europe, the Skoda Octavia last year at number one in the registration statistics. And in Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, the model made it to rank two. It seems so, as I hit the Skoda with the car almost exactly in the Mainstream – finally, the Octavia of Europe is well on course nine. This is surprising, because the car offers nothing Special. It is pretty obvious, because a good average model with plenty of space and an acceptable price is clearly what many customers want.

Ambient lighting, massage seats, perfuming the interior of the air – some manufacturers offer tools that marketing departments a lot of effort to operate, in order to make your meaning plausible. Skoda is different: The Czech VW subsidiary brand equipped their models with, for example, a removable Rubbish bin in the door storage, and a rubber slit, which is fixed to the Smartphone, a high-visibility safety vest holder under the driver’s seat, an ice scraper in the tank lid or a flashlight in the trunk. Lots of things, where the Benefit is obvious immediately, and this pragmatism is apparently working well.


Niko Jedicke

For some months it stretches to the drive. The basic idea is not new, fortunately, she is now in Skoda is available. It is the 1.5-litre direct injection Petrol engine with turbo charging and ACT. The acronym stands for active cylinder management: as soon As the accelerator pedal less engine power, or during prolonged driving downhill or braking phases, includes the control valves of cylinders two and three device and the fuel injection breaks.

From the four-cylinder a two-cylinder, which means, according to Skoda, the fuel consumption average of half a Liter per 100 kilometers, and in the case of the Octavia Combi, the average fuel consumption of 5.0 liters suppressed. If the engine management shut down two cylinders, the driver is informed, via a cockpit display. You step more on the accelerator, immediately all four cylinders in action and develop up to 150 HP of power.

150 HP is already too much – very often anyway

There is no indication in the Cockpit, you would even notice this game has nothing. Due to the display, however, it is striking how often, actually, a half of the engine to the normal sufficient to come Forward. It is a kind of training in practical humility. Those who accept the one that is for passenger Car engines with more than 150 HP of power lost forever.

Not only the 1.5-litre petrol engine is new to the Octavia, the whole car – which it introduced in 1996, the series is now produced in its third Generation – was only renewed recently. The front fascia received an additional headlights pair, at the rear, let there be lights in the new bumper as well as LED. In the car a couple of fancier surfaces were equipped with new control knobs for the air conditioning and infotainment systems are available, which allow an Online connection.

The big Plus: space

All this, however, are trifles compared with the great Plus of the cars, The Octavia is something like the more spacious Golf. Or in this case, correct: The Octavia Combi is a kind of invite Variant of Golf, and the cheaper it is – just under 2000 euros, with comparable engines. On all of the seats in a Skoda Octavia it sits airy and convenient; only those who are very tall, corner.

Take a look in the interior of the Skoda Octavia Combi – with our 360-degree photo:

The load capacity – the boot capacity ranges from 610 to 1740 litres, depending on the Position of the rear seat backrest is playing, the Octavia Combi is rather in the League of BMW 5-series Touring (570 to 1700 liters) or Mercedes E-class T-model (640 to 1820 liters) than in that of the VW Golf Variant (605 to 1620 litres).

The inner size, the Skoda Octavia offers, is inversely proportional to radiance, the car widely used. In combination with the circles, the car belongs more in the category “Oh-Yes—Yes – -“. On the other hand, the popularity of the car shows (in Germany, were admitted last year, nearly 60,000 copies of new, 95 percent of which station wagon models), that, apparently, many of the customers blow the whistle on Status, if price, space and practical Use of fit.

Speaking of practical Benefits: Even in the case of Skoda, the Rock of pragmatism in the Surf of automotive opportunities Superfluous, there are the first signs of hoity-toity. Ambient lighting in door decorative strips, for example, in a ten-color set – but only in the top modification of “Laurin & Klement”. After all, the Skoda-developers devised a novel bottle holder in the centre console, the bottle is fixed so that the rotary closure to be opened with one hand.

Practical it is not.

Vehicle registration certificate


Octavia Combi 1.5 TSI


Four-Cylinder Petrol Direct Injection Turbo

Seven-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission


1.495 CC

150 HP (110 kW)

250 Nm

From 0 to 100:
8.4 s

Maximum speed:
218 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
5.0 Liter

CO2 emissions:
115 g/km

610 litre

1,740 litres

1.307 kg

4667 / 1814 / 1465

26.930 EUR

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