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This SUV is rushes a dream for Poser: Mercedes’ new GLE in tilt position around tight bends and wiggles on command with the butt. The car has significantly more volume.



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Tom Grünweg

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Wednesday, 21.11.2018
At 04:22

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The first impression: A round thing. Less corners and edges, and even less of metal lines and the GLE is smoother, and to appear smoother, without that, he loses presence. Now he no longer looks after the tanks, and it helps the aerodynamics. Mercedes claims the GLE has the lowest coefficient of drag of this class (cW 0,29).

Says the manufacturer: The debut in 1997, at that time under the symbol ML, was in the SUV alone. “With the M-class, we have established the Segment of Premium SUV,” said Mercedes development chief Ola Källenius. So far, the car was sold about two million Times. However, with the BMW X5, Audi Q7, VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and every lot of import models, this profitable class is occupied, in the meantime, sealing. Therefore, the Swabians during the change of generation have thought the SUV, according to Källenius “completely new”. Mercedes is driving with the car and has high hopes: “With a new operating concept, innovative driver assistance system, a new engine range and more space, the new GLE is to write the success story.”

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Autograph Mercedes GLE:
Luxury on the rails

The we noticed: the new GLE is missing, it is not torquey and the power to enforce, however, the new model at all, Elan is much smoother. This is due not alone to the calm that reigns on Board, because the car is spurned, thanks to its slipperiness from the winds. There are Nine-speed automatic is also due to the soft switching. And on the long sailing phase, in which the engine shuts down at high speed – before the 48-Volt starter generator Mild-Hybrid drive tends to him later, hardly noticeable.

It also has to do with the new chassis. It combines one of the most comfortable air suspension with four electro-hydraulic actuators and a camera that scans the road course. So you recognize the bumps and can adjust the suspension active, before the car happened. Individual wheels lifting in front of a ground wave or reduce a bump and the car across, appears to float above it.

In principle, the S-class is known. However, with the electric Actuators, the System operates in GLE faster and more sensitive. The car is six inches of lift and lowering, so that the ground clearance can be a total of twelve inches of change. Of which Mercedes makes not only the terrain, but depending on the driving program also during acceleration and braking, when the System prevents the usual gasp and fall Asleep, and especially in curves. Then, the suspension of the centrifugal force opposite to the working and the car is scratching the corners like a skier. This tilting posture looks like from the back is spectacular and feels from the inside is incredibly relaxed. The GLE can enjoy a Limousine for sludge and offers the most luxurious riding feel that – apart from the Rolls-Royce Cullinan or Range Rover into a SUV.

All of this, although the car has gained in volume. Because Mercedes has stretched the car in length by ten, and in the wheelbase by eight inches, there is considerably more space. In the second row you are sitting now is just as good as the first, and the trunk is 630 and up 2055 litres so great that Mercedes can offer, on request, for the first time, a third rear seat.

Comfort details has improved, the manufacturer. The Cup holders heat and cool now. Heated also the armrests on the centre console and in the doors. In the infotainment system, there is a Wellness consultation, and for the first time in this class, the rear seat is fully electrically adjustable and slidable.

Take a look in the interior of the Mercedes GLE – with our 360-degree photo:

Perhaps the most important step of the GLE power in the operation. As in the past, only the A-class, he gets a user interface with wide screen TV-Cockpit, a large touch screen, voice control on the level of Siri and co. as well as a navigation display, map material and video images mixed in. Mercedes the next Generation of Head-up display system in the car. It is larger, it resolves higher and floats to the front of the line of Sight.

The need to know: The production in the US plant in Tuscaloosa is running, the first cars will be mid-February at the dealers. The base price will be 65.807 Euro, a choice of three diesel engines are available initially from the four-cylinder in the GLE 300d with 245 HP in-line six-cylinder with 272 HP in the GLE 350d and 330 HP in the GLE 400d; the 450 engine was also installed in our test car. The draws from three litres of displacement, 367 HP of power, 22 HP at the controls of the electric Booster. The maximum torque is 500 Nm, and 250 Nm.

While the petrol engine comes on a standard consumption of 8.3 liters, the Mercedes, thanks to lightweight construction and aerodynamic fine-tuning for the Diesel in the best case, 6.1 liters, and fights back against the Image of the SUV as a guzzler. There are, however, 36 percent more than the official 4.5 litres which swallows a E-class sedan to 100 kilometres. After all, the six-cylinder Diesel in the GLE, the first in a SUV that meets the pollutant standard Euro 6d without the restriction of “Temp”. He can also emit a maximum operating 120 instead of 168 milligrams of nitrogen oxides per km in real world driving.

The poor Image of the thick vessels Mercedes confronts on top of that, with a Plug-in Hybrid propulsion with, allegedly, considerably more than 50 kilometres of electric range to follow soon. However, the traditional questioning group is operated with a V8 ball man, it should also be in an AMG variant.

Although the GLE has grown significantly. But because in the SUV large, seemingly never large enough, Mercedes offers even more: In the summer of 2019 GLS – quasi-S-class-for-Rough. And who, in turn, of the GLE as a gelutschter Dump is not sleek enough, you can wait for a GLE coupe.

We will not forget: The dance, the the car with electrically controlled suspension in the state list, if it is the actuator motors at the wheels at ever shorter intervals, jacking up and lowering. It is thought that, the car zuschaukeln in Sand or snow, if you are stuck. But as spectacular as the Gejuckel looks, it will probably be seen much more frequently on the Saturday evening before the Disco or at the red light.

Vehicle registration certificate


GLW 450


In-Line Six-Cylinder Turbo-Petrol Direct-Injection

Nine-Speed Automatic

All-wheel drive

2.998 ccm

367 HP (270 kW)

500 Nm

From 0 to 100:
5.7 s

Maximum speed:
250 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
8.3 liters

CO2 emissions:
190 g/km

630 litres

2.055 liters

2.220 kg

4924 / 1947 / 1772

72.650 GBP

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