“A Devastating Signal”

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The diesel driving ban in food for outrage, the League of cities warns of traffic jams and higher pollution. For dispute, also in the proposed video surveillance for the control of the motorist.

As a “devastating Signal”, to be referred to Gerd Landsberg, the managing Director of the German Association of cities and municipalities, the diesel driving ban for the important parts of highway 40 in the Ruhr area.

For the residents, the judgment will mean “a worse improvement”. Through the bypass transport, there is endless traffic jams, which led to even greater pressures on the environment, said Landsberg of the “Passauer Neue Presse”.

The administrative court of Gelsenkirchen had a ban on Thursday, among other things, a driving zone for eating arranged, including the busy highway 40. The Land of North Rhine-Westphalia wishes to appeal against the judgment.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked the local authorities, however, “sustainable transportation concepts”. Air quality plans should be a matter for the boss in the town halls, said the CDU politician.

Merkel called for the establishment of more charging stations for electric cars, for example, in the case of Park homes, Restaurants and businesses. There were enough stations, might decide that there are more citizens for the purchase of electric cars and, ultimately, also their prices lower. Together with more car sharing, as well as the future-assisted and Autonomous Driving could change with more electric cars in traffic a lot.

Opposition politicians warn of video surveillance

Merkel expressed confidence that it could succeed, to prevent bans in the majority of cases. Apart from the air pollution control plans called as measures, new regulations, Software and hardware updates for older diesel vehicles, and the modernisation of bus fleets.

It is questionable as to whether the drivers adhere to the ban. The police unions had communicated to the driving ban zones are difficult to control. Opposition politicians warned the Federal government against the prohibition by using a permanent video surveillance of traffic enforce.

“A fully automated monitoring infrastructure for the prosecution of misdemeanor violations, is absolutely disproportionate and constitutionally not feasible,” said the Parliamentary Secretary of the Left faction in the Bundestag Jan Korte, of the “New osnabrück newspaper” (“NOZ”).

The Deputy Chairman of the Green parliamentary group, Konstantin von Notz, considers the plan dangerous. By “occasion, and a permanent technical Monitoring of all Cars, how do you plan CSU-Minister of transport, scouring, and the Federal government”, would ground “the fundamental rights of the citizens,” he said of the “NOZ”. Also FDP-Chef Christian Lindner warned of a “total monitoring” of motorists.

Exhaust gas purification at the expense of the manufacturer

Gerd Landsberg from the voice, meanwhile, for automated scanning of license plates, that’ll help, “the checks in a fast, efficient and unbureaucratic.” A General data storage is not taking place ,he said the “NOZ”.

In the concept for diesel agreement of the Grand coalition in October, the Federal transportation had communicated to the Ministry: “in the event that countries or local authorities should impose driving bans, will ensure the Federal government that the traffic monitoring authorities can access the data of the Central vehicle register.” The police could check the “sample” on the basis of the indicator, whether the vehicle should go there.

As a means to prevent further driving prohibition zones, it is also a hardware used to retrofit older Diesel, so modifications to the engine. Here, the Federal environment Minister, Svenja looks to Schulze’s potential. “We have no more time to lose, because the affected diesel drivers want to know how your solution to the diesel crisis looks like,” said the SPD politician.

Retrofits of flue gas cleaning at the expense of the producers were “the best and fairest way out of this,” said Schulze, as they made the air cleaner and the loss of value of the vehicles stopped.


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