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The Suzuki Jimny looks like a toy car, but that is deceptive. Because in contrast to many other SUV the little one is actually fit for the terrain.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Saturday, 22.09.2018
At 13:56

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The first impression is: Playmobil. With the new, edgier Design and the small size of the Suzuki Jimny looks more like a toy car than a real SUV.

Says the manufacturer: “If there is a car out there that exemplifies the core values of the brand Suzuki is the Jimny,” enthuses the Marketing Department of the Japanese carmaker. The reason: In the sympathetic all-terrain vehicles for both the four-wheel drive expertise, as well as the small-car Knowhow of the manufacturer were reflected. And unlike the many other small SUV, the Zeitgeist glut on our roads, the Jimny is not a fad, but since around five decades, a constant in the Suzuki range. The history of the car starts, initially under the name of LJ, in 1970. And as a Suzuki in 1979, prepared for debut at the IAA in Germany, he is already in the starting line-up. Angular Design, edgier character and a long history – it is not so far-fetched, if you compare the Jimny with Mercedes G-class.


Tom Grünweg

The we noticed: The don’t want to only play. The new Jimny may look like he was from Playmobil, but he’s serious. Much more serious than most of the other Minis for the mud that are just so in fashion. Because while models like the Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur or the new VW T-Cross cars are basically just jacked-up small and not even Allradanatrieb offer is the Jimny terrain from the old grist and grain.

It has a selectable all-wheel drive and a reduction gear, which provides a powerful Driving at low speed. The body is not self, as it is today, mostly the usual. A robust ladder-type frame takes the load.

According to brave the car crashes into the terrain and dig bravely through the Mud. It is also without time-consuming off-road driving programs, and superior to many of the stronger and more expensive all-wheel drive models in-house high – alone, because the Jimny is lighter and smaller and so move easily through gaps in the slips. Where a Mercedes G class or a Range Rover through the wooden plow, such as elephants and everything rolls down, through the buzzing of the Suzuki Jimny as a weasel, and finds a simpler way.

But so is a lot of fun in the Jimny off-road power, so fast, the fun on the road is over. Because of the 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine with 102 HP of power, although loud, but not very well. And with 145 km/h maximum speed and an acceleration value in the two-digit range, the Overtake is on the road to courage – and on the highway to the test of patience. However, With the short wheelbase, the rather vague steering and not very tight suspension you don’t want to drive really fast.

Take a look in the interior of the Suzuki Jimny – with our 360-degree photo:

Although the concept, the Design and especially the interior comparatively are rustic, and has kept up with the generation change, the Modernity of the new Jimny catchment. In addition to the building blocks-the Cockpit, there is a Touchscreen navigation system. Facilities include a electronic downhill driving aid and assistance systems, which help to maintain the traffic lane, the driver attention monitor, emergency braking initiate and, this is new to Suzuki, the traffic can read the signs.

What there isn’t is space. As well as, in the case of 3,65 meters in length and 2.25 meters wheelbase? While you sit in the front yet surprisingly well, must be backbenchers snake people – otherwise you will pass neither through the small doors on the large front seat, still you can manage to fold the legs into the narrow footwell. The Luggage compartment is 85 litres less than in the most purist sports car – the spare tire hanging out the rear door. But a Good has the tiny Format: Nowhere, you can throw the Luggage in the back, slightly to the otherwise already useless back seat, as in the Jimny, and also to change the seats must contort nobody.

The need to know: The new edition of the Suzuki Jimny comes from 27. October in the trade and starts at 17.915 Euro as a 1.5-Liter gasoline engine with 102 PS of power and 130 Nm of torque. While buyers choose the transmission between a five-speed circuit, and automatic (1180 Euro), is set, the drive: all-wheel drive and reduction are always Standard.

We will not forget: – Edged body, large window, small dimensions, smooth steering – rarely was Parking an all-terrain vehicle as light as the Suzuki Jimny. Without a bird’s eye view camera and 360-degree Sensors. Even in the city, he is superior to the most modern knitted SUV.

Vehicle registration certificate



All-terrain vehicles

Four-Cylinder Gasoline Engine

Five-Speed Manual Transmission

All-wheel drive

1.462 CC

102 HP (75 kW)

130 Nm

Maximum speed:
145 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
6.8 Liter

CO2 emissions:
154 g/km

85 litres

830 Liter

1.165 kg

3645 / 1645 / 1705

17.915 GBP

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