A1 gets overhead contact line for electric Truck

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The Federal government sets a new motorway section, a test under power. In the next week, construction will begin on a catenary for electric Trucks on the A1 in Schleswig-Holstein.

A further German highway gets a catenary for electric Truck. On a length of about five kilometres will take place between the connecting panel and the motorway junction Lübeck and then change with the construction of the plant started, the schleswig-Holstein Ministry of transport.

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Is affected, according to the Ministry, only the right lane. The overhead contact line system is expected to go in may 2019 in operation. Then Truck of a regional trucking company, which are equipped with a current collector to be driven on the track. The vehicles include an internal combustion engine for non-electrified routes. Energy generated during braking is fed into the overhead line network.

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The test track is part of a Federal pilot project, the car, the electric drive of load under real traffic conditions to test a wide. The cost of more than 19 million euros, the Federal government assumes. The project aims to demonstrate potential savings in diesel fuel and also to protect the climate.

Schleswig-Holstein to Hesse, the second state, receiving a test track for Electric trucks. Another test track is planned in Baden-Württemberg. Overall, the Federal Ministry for the environment invested around 50 million euros in the field test.


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