Abrasives are cities to blame for driving bans

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In a growing number of cities bans, before diesel driving. Minister of transport, Scheuer makes the municipalities responsible for and shall exercise, according to a report now financial pressure.

The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) sees the fault for diesel driving prohibitions reinforced in the cities. He had no understanding of the fact that municipalities were using the old air quality plans before the court, and then bans would be arranged, he said in the Bundestag. As the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (F. A. Z.) reported the Minister wants to put on financial pressure.

“There are from this Department for communities future funding if current air submitted plans,” said the F. A. Z. according to. Specifically, Scheuer spoke of grants from the “immediate action program Clean air”. With the a year ago, adopted a catalogue of measures, the Federal government encourages, among other things, the retrofitting of diesel buses and the purchase of electric buses with a billion amount. “We will take the local authorities in the duty,” said Scheuer, the F. A. Z.


Andreas Scheuer

According to the report, almost all of the cities could lose their Eligibility, if Scheuer continues his threat. Would be affected then also the municipalities, which apply due to the high Exceeding of the EU nitrogen oxide limit as “intense cities”.


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