Abroad only with a valid Tüv-badge

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Also abroad, in Germany, eligible cars must be equipped with a valid Tüv-badge. Who, for example, plans for a job for a longer stay, beyond the limits, you should check when the next HU in the home is due. Otherwise, a fine threatens.

Hannover – long abroad worth stays with the car, a glance at the inspection sticker. The next main inspection (HU) is significantly ahead of the planned return to Germany due, should be done to the vehicle, check quickly in the home.

Although there is abroad, test stations, but not a valid label for vehicles that are here logged in. Because the HU can only be used by nationally recognized Car expert of the country of Registration removed.

In Germany, the new cars must at the latest after three years and every two years thereafter, to the HU. Miss drivers pay attention like this, it is expensive. This arrangement is, in the EU countries not to be in force: the local authorities may impose fines, if the German badge is expired.


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