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More than 20 million passengers a year in Germany, with long distance coaches on the road. One of the vehicles died in the accident. According to ADAC, but there is no reason to doubt, in principle, to the safety of the buses.

The automobile club ADAC is no security problem at the remote buses. “The risk to have an accident with a coach that is 14 Times lower than with the own car,” said the spokesman for the ADAC Hansa, Christian Hief, according to the Flixbus accident on the A19 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. “Long-distance buses are safe.” After the railway you will be the safest means of transport. The increase in the number of accidents in the past few years is largely down to the strong increase in the number of bus trips. So far, more than 20 million passengers per year to be in Germany now with the buses on the road, said Hief.

The causes were, as a rule, no technical defects, but mostly in spite of numerous legal regulations, error of the driver. By assistance systems of modern buses to be straight but still very safe. Passengers should stay alert, recommended Hief. If tires or the entire vehicle be in a desperate state, not a should be better – or at the next opportunity to get off.

The same is true when the driver make a tired, unconcentrated, or perhaps even who appears to be drunk. “If I have a bad feeling, you should trust his instinct,” said Hief. “But the most important thing is: There is a compulsory wearing of seat belts in buses, and not without reason.” In the case of emergency, the lap belt could save lives.

AC was for a short time, a competitor from Flixbus

In the accident on highway 19, a Flixbus from the road was lost and in a ditch overthrown. 16 people with moderate to severe injuries in hospitals, informed the police in G├╝strow. The cause was initially unclear, investigations ran. The driver was an alcohol test, according to sober, and should be questioned.

The ADAC had operated for a few months, together with the Post long-distance buses. After the establishment of the joint venture at the end of 2013, the automobile club, announced his exit in November 2014. The Post wanted to operate the long-distance bus alone, and the Connections expand. In 2016, the Acquisition of the Post-bus division by Flixbus.


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