ADAC criticized the letter to Diesel owners as a “one-sided advertising message”

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The disguised promotion of the KBA for the German car manufacturer is the only car critics mad. The ADAC speaks of a great loss of confidence.

The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) device because of a letter to owners of older Diesel price discounts for the purchase of cleaner cars, increasingly in the criticism. The motorists club ADAC has complained, this would be the “many of the recipients of considerable irritation,” as for more questions, only contact details of three German manufacturers were called. To Compare a neutral advice on the design of premiums and the possibility of not be ensured, – stated in a Letter from the club to the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the KBA.

Extra discounts for the purchase of clean cars are part of a package of new measures with which the Federal government wants to avoid a Diesel-driving bans in 15 cities with high air pollution.

Controversial letter from the German Federal motor transport authority

The ADAC warned now, many of those Affected would understand the letters of the KBA as a “one-sided advertising message for the benefit of the named manufacturer” – some you can even avoid that threat of driving bans, only by exchange of the cars at BMW, Mercedes or VW. According to the accounts given by the ADAC-members, it would lead to an “Erosion in confidence in state facilities”, when they occur as “run-up to the facilities of automotive manufacturers”. In future letters to the KBA should inform therefore “neutral on the measures of all the manufacturers”.

The Advisory Board at the KBA had only been in the summer, set up to take account of consumer and environmental interests.

Other consumer protection associations had criticised the letter in focus. The evidence of so-called exchange of the actions of the German car manufacturers were “the necessary distance from the industry miss” and showed “no solutions for many of the driving ban threatened consumers”, had vzbv complained-the management Board Klaus Müller in Berlin on Wednesday.

The KBA is expected to be Concerned with neutral information, when it makes sense to swap his car or wait for the Hardware upgrade. The KBA had sent the letters in November. Who’ll take the exchange premium, groin “an effective and significant contribution to the reduction of vehicle emissions and improve air quality in our cities”, – said in the Letter.

Retrofit installations prior to approval?

It is not clear at present how far the development of the retrofit is advanced equipment. Last week, Federal transport Minister Andreas Scheuer had said, when KAB is still no application for approval had been received. In contrast, the editorial network Germany reported in the Saturday editions of his Newspapers from a response from Scheuers Ministry to a small request of the FDP, after four requests from two manufacturers. The fact is, however, from the application to the market have a long way to Mature yet.


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