ADAC expects higher Vehicle tax from 1. September

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Who be the vehicle from 1. September allows new, can expect a higher Car tax: as of this date, a new emission test, which will lead to higher fuel information. The ADAC does not want to accept that.

The ADAC expects, in view of more stringent exhaust emission tests on vehicles for many car drivers have a higher motor Vehicle tax. The ADAC Vice President for transport, Ulrich Klaus Becker, called, therefore, an adjustment factor for the transition to the new Standard WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure). “Thus, the conversion of the process-related Load variations in the Vehicle tax could be collected,” said Becker. In principle, an adjustment of the tax rate or the tax base would be conceivable.

1. September only all cars must be newly registered, which have passed through the new reality closer to Standard WLTP for the determination of emissions and fuel consumption. That has effects on the motor Vehicle tax. This is calculated according to the engine capacity and the CO2 value of the vehicle, the fuel consumption results. Compared to the old Standard mostly higher emission levels are expected. (Read here an article on how car manufacturers could cheat.)

WLTP results in higher reference values for the control

Therefore, the change to the WLTP will ensure that the Vehicle fails to control for many drivers, which allow your vehicle after the closing date for the first time, later said Becker. WLTP submission to higher reference values for the control. “As a result, the transition leads to a significant increase in the car tax.”

The state will achieve through the new system, more revenue, said Becker. “This must be in better mobility for Germany reinvested.”

Although the adjustment of motor Vehicle tax, in principle, be useful, because WLTP sun closer to the real-world CO2 emissions and incentives to purchase fuel-efficient cars. A higher road tax is not justified, because of the higher CO2 emissions compared to more a burden in reality.

The Ministry of Finance wants to check on road tax after one year

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Finance informed that in the absence of sufficient data, the basis of “reliable representative information” about the specific impact of the changeover on the motor vehicle are expensive. The impact of the WLTP on the motor Vehicle tax should be reviewed after a year.

However, the surcharge is likely to be effective. Because in the case of car manufacturers, it comes because of the transition to the WLTP in delivery currently bottlenecks, especially in the VW group. The manufacturer must allow models under the more stringent conditions to certify alone, in VW to more than 260 gearbox-motor combinations of new and approved measured.

VW had to hire due to a lack of approvals for new cars, huge Parking areas – for example, in the future, but still not finished the capital airport BER.


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