ADAC no longer wants to send “motor of the world” to members

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The ADAC is planning a drastic austerity program for his magazine “motor world”. You should appear less frequently, and members have to get the magazine in the future.

The ADAC automobile club wants to reduce the cost of its members ‘ magazine “motor world”. Therefore, the magazine should appear by 2020 only four Times in the year instead of monthly. It had initially reported the “Wirtschaftswoche”.

In addition, the periodical comes in by Post to the readers home. You will receive these only in the case of ADAC offices and gas stations, and other partners of the Association. You should, however, continue to be for members only and available free of charge. These plans of the ADAC leadership have not agreed to all the competent bodies.

The “motor world” is Europe’s highest circulation magazine

The “motor world”, with more than 13 million copies in print, Europe’s largest circulation magazine, is considered to be unprofitable. Motorists increasingly look on the Internet about mobility issues. Only 300,000 copies of the “motor world” appear as E-Paper with a declining trend.

The ADAC did not comment on the information. He did not want to participate in speculation, said a club spokesman.

ADAC managing Director Alexander Möller said the “business week” only, “that we set up in the framework of our ambitious programme for the future, Pole Position communication activities and channels of the ADAC new, and positioning”. The digital communication is at the centre.

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