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Together with consumer advocates, the ADAC Volkswagen is attacking in court. The group have deceived customers with rigged engines. Car owners can join the action for free.

The ADAC and the verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) want to sue Volkswagen because of the exhaust gas scandal. Because the group had manipulated the exhaust gas cleaning of diesel cars to the owners in damages, stated the two organizations on Wednesday in Berlin.

1. November would you like to submit a pattern for a declaratory judgment, the higher regional court of Braunschweig. The aim is to identify, “Volkswagen has been damaged with the Software Manipulation of the customer intentionally unethical and cheated on and affected buyers compensation is owed.” Owners of the affected cars could join the lawsuit for free, said the vzbv. The vzbv is made of the process for tactical reasons, officially, the sole claimant before the court, with the ADAC as a cooperation partner together.

It comes to engines of the type EA 189

Could participate, free of charge, all that had bought from January 2008, Diesel the brands Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda or Seat with engines of the type EA-189, for which there was a recall. Previous information of the vzbv have found that up to 2.4 million holders could benefit from the lawsuit.

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The manufacturer in the CO2-Check

In November, the law enters into force, the new “A-allows-for-all-action”. Prevail damaged diesel driver would have to set their damage claims at the end individually. The court would find, however, that Volkswagen harm you set owe, that would be easier. In addition, conservationists and the ADAC, the pressure on the Wolfsburg-based car manufacturer, the affected diesel customers is on the rise, according to the consumer financially.

So far, VW is the plaintiff, and often bought out from the process””

“So far Affected only had the opportunity to sue on your own, with an uncertain outcome and a significant cost risk,” said ADAC President August Markl. This Volkswagen’ve tried “with all means” to avoid a Supreme court decision. Whenever a judgment was signed to the detriment of the group, VW bought the plaintiff a generous settlement offer with a confidentiality agreement from the process.

In September 2015, Volkswagen had had to manipulations of diesel engines give. US environmental authorities had detected and made public, that only Tests the exhaust gas purification was fully activated, while the output was on the road much higher.


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