ADAC tests ambulance missions with Mini-helicopters

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No more Hassles with the lack of rescue streets in the Future, the ADAC wants emergency physicians reinforced with electric Mini-helicopters instead of cars at Accident sites.

Emergency physicians should soon be able to come up with small electric helicopters faster to your patients. The ADAC air rescue will start in Bavaria and in the Rhineland-Palatinate, a pilot project. “In the coming months there will be the first research flights,” said the organization. To the question of whether the use is reasonable and economical, should there be in a year’s initial findings.

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The two-seater Volocopter with 18 small, electrically-powered rotors to bring “the doctor faster than in the emergency vehicle to the patient and improve care,” said the ADAC air rescue. Parallel to the research flights of the University of Munich will simulate the spring of 2019 air rescue operations with Volocoptern on the Computer. The ADAC air rescue claims to be the world’s first organization of its kind to examine the use of manned multirotors in rescue service.

The company Volocopter in Bruchsal near Karlsruhe (Baden-W├╝rttemberg), which developed perpendicular to the start and end electric RC helicopter, air taxi, Pilot, remote-controlled or Autonomous flying. The ADAC air rescue has more than 50 rescue helicopters at 36 stations in the largest air rescue organization in Germany.

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