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By Ralf Neukirch

Ralf Neukirch

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    Saturday, 02.02.2019
    At 17:02

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    What to do with the bike helmet, if you sit in the saddle? When shopping, in the Restaurant or in the stadium, the part of nerves can be abundant. Promise a remedy foldable headgear. Emphasis on “promise”.

    I wear Bicycle helmet always, even in everyday life. The gain in security is worth it to me. The undeniable aesthetic limitations, I can accept that. A Problem but I have not yet solved: what to do with the helmet when you sit on the bike? On the head, as some cyclists do that at the bakery or in the supermarket, for me, is definitely not a solution.


    • Hanna Becker

      First of all, little pointed to a continuing love affair. The first encounter with a bike, in the Ralf Neukirch remembered, ended with a fall. But at some point, the Cycling of the need for passion was for the LEVEL editor. Since then, he holds it with John F. Kennedy: “Nothing compares with the simple pleasure to ride a bike.”

      From the beautiful moments, but also the sporting, technical and personal challenges of Cycling Ralf Neukirch told regularly in this Blog.

    I only own a helmet, a road bike helmet. Is very bulky. If I put it in my backpack or bike bag, no longer goes in there. On the Hand I don’t like to wear it when I walk through the city. Sometimes, I’m just gonna leave him on the Bicycle handlebars when I buy short. It’s not Ideal. The helmet was not cheap. Connect and do business with my locks also.

    I had decided some time ago to buy a Falthelm. The promise not only of protection in case of a fall, but can not zoom out when you are sitting on the head. A short handle, the helmet does not interfere more in the bag. At least that was my expectation.

    In practice, the whole thing turned out to be much more difficult. The first helmet I tried was a Falthelm of Carrera. The is structured like a concertina, you push it together when you need it. The helmet looks good and is not too expensive. In addition, he has comfortable, which is, of course. He has only one drawback: folds he’s not really small. In addition, you have to hold it with a Band, otherwise he goes on again automatically. My Problem is not really solved.

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    The same is true for the Falthelm from Closca. It consists of three elements, which, unlike the Carrera, not the side, but from top to bottom, slide together. Properly compact it will not, also I think the Design needs getting used to. The ventilation seemed to me for hot summer days is also rather low.

    As long as I was looking, I was not able to find. Some of the helmets were folded up nice and small, had but it has other disadvantages. The Plixi from Overade is a Bicycle helmet of impressive ugliness. In addition, he has in the safety test of the Stiftung Warentest receive only a “sufficient”. So he was out of the question for me.

    Others, like the Morpher, the London-based inventor Jeff Woolf, were also very compact. But the pop-up mechanism seemed to me to be too cumbersome. A Falthelm in a matter of seconds to open and close. Beautiful, the Morpher is not, by the way.

    As I was about to give up the search, I was finally on Kickstarter to find it. This is a Crowdfunding-platform in the Internet, on the individuals, but also companies capital for their ideas to raise. Just in the Bicycle area there are a lot of interesting things. My ring I bought years ago and the other day a mini pump to Transport the Bicycle, that is operated with the foot. The beauty is that you can get the stuff before they are officially sold, and also cheaper.

    There I also discovered a helmet that seemed to be the answer to my Problem: The Fend-flip-up helmet from the USA looked good, did not let small folding and fumbling, apparently, was also necessary. One area of concern to me only that the helmet seemed to be almost too light and airy. But since it exceeded according to the manufacturer, the European and American safety standards, I ordered the Fend.

    Now you must note at Kickstarter for two things: for one, it takes time, because the things you ordered, have yet to be produced. On the other, there is no guarantee that a like the also Ordered really. I once ordered a coffee mill with coffee beans and roll split could grind, but not espresso powder. A certain risk cannot be avoided.

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    It took about a year, until I got to the Fend finally a few weeks ago. In two points of the helmet met my expectations. The Fend looks good and is a good size to fold. My fear is that he could be unstable, proved to be groundless. It is a fairly thick, very sturdy helmet.

    It is relatively heavy, which is in city traffic is not a big issue. More unpleasant is that the upholstery fits on my head really. She presses after a long journey. In addition, the fastening of the chin strap directly on the neck, which I find uncomfortable sitting. Both is not so bad that it would be a reason for Exclusion. The mechanism reduces the size of the helmet to be very effective, but is sometimes a bit notchy. All in all, the Fend is a good helmet, but certainly not the “perfect helmet”, as he is touted.

    I’ve learned in my search for a Falthelm one thing: You have to make compromises. My road bike helmet is lightweight, stylish, comfortable and airy. There are currently no Falthelm on the market that combines all these attributes. If I just needed a helmet for the city, I would buy the Carrera. So I’m usually with my road helmet on the road. Only when I have to work on bigger purchases, I’ll get the Fend out of the closet. And of course I’ll wait for that on Kickstarter one day something Better.

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