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The Mercedes subsidiary, AMG wants to sell more vehicles, so they pimped cars to so-called Performance models. The most recent example is the AMG E 53. However, the character remains on the track.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Wednesday, 10.10.2018
At 04:35

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The first impression: Spoiler enough to make a sports car, and the chrome-plated exhaust tailpipes in the diffuser, no throaty Sound.

Says the manufacturer: For Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers is the new ‘ 53 models, thanks to the 48-Volt on-Board network and the new Starter-generator, the first step in the hybridization of the brand. You are a “future-oriented combination of sporty Design, Performance and efficiency”.

The we noticed: The E 53 starts with a muted exhaust-Sound, and also after pressing the button for the sound flaps in the exhaust tract, not the Brüller. This may be socially correct and fits to the more subtle appearance of the AMG”Performance”models. The bear outside new aprons and sills, a different grille, chromed tailpipes and a small Spoiler on the rear lid. Inside you are Sitting with a sporty, red seatbelts and a red mark on the steering Wheel fitted.


Tom Grünweg

The restraint may not fit to the AMG brand and the expectations of your customers. After all, who buys a car like this, would like to stand out and maybe even provoke; but he does not want to remain unnoticed. Otherwise he could drive a E 350 and use the saved money for example for Extras to spend.

Similarly ambivalent, the feeling of driving. Yes, the AMG E 53 is strong and fast, and the Boost effect of the 48-Volt generator power with 22-additional horsepower and 250 Nm of Extra torque when pulling away just as noticeable as the electric compressor, which rotates faster than the downstream of the Turbo. So he builds up early pressure and makes the turbo lag dreaded Start-up deficiency forget.

But, despite a total output of 457 HP and a torque of 520 Nm of the in-line six-cylinder engine, the car feels really sporty. Neither the suspension is tuned hard as a Board, the automatic slams the gears into the gearbox and the steering is not over-sharp. Even in the most committed driving program, and the convertible remains a relaxed Cruiser, it’s just that the wind in the AMG picks up noticeably, because the car has significantly more Power than the strongest normal Mercedes model.

Therefore, the AMG E53 is not a bad car and certainly not a disappointment, but certainly, the most sporty variant in the range. But the guy is the weakest model in the AMG family, and this is not only true in fact for the performance, but also for fulfilling the expectations.

In the convertible, the disillusionment is even a bit bigger. Because, of all things, in that variant in which you will notice from the engine at the most, we are missing the emotions the most. On the other hand, this approach fits the best to an open car. Because convertibles are more important than cars for self-performers, because as a models for sports riders. Anyone who is serious about Performance, with a tender, not a heavy folding roof and is not air, sun and fragrance to distract, but sits fix covered in a coupe.

Take a look in the interior of the Mercedes AMG – with our 360-degree photo:

The need to know: The 53 engine is it first of all for the Mercedes-AMG models CLS (84.400 Euro), the two-door variants of the E class (the coupe costs 81.600, the convertible 87.100 Euro) and the new GT four-door (109.200 Euro). The three-litre in-line six-cylinder engine comes to 435 HP and 520 Nm of torque and works with a two-stage Turbo-concept: First-an electric Turbine takes over the compression of the air, then the conventional loader. In addition, the starter pushes with. Made possible by a 48-Volt on-Board network, which allows the use of more powerful electric motors power the. The EQ-Booster-called starter generator developed 22 PS of power and 250 Nm of torque, and justifies for AMG-Chef Moers, the term “hybridization”. Purely electrically, none of the ‘ 53 models also only one Meter.

With the electric start, a nine-speed automatic and standard all-wheel drive, the engine accelerated strongly and a maximum power speed of 270 km/h possible. At the same time, the Generator is extended, the stop-Start phases, makes the car more often to sail, and can win when braking or at idle as a Generator, the more energy (recuperation). Therefore, the consumption in the us driven a convertible for a AMG model, at comparatively moderate levels of 8.8 liters.

We will not forget: The look under the hood, the Dilemma of the E53 to the point. The six-cylinder has the most elaborate-designed engine cover with the largest AMG Logo, but the signature of the mechanic who stands with his name for the normally well-maintained principle of “one man, one engine”, the Performance models denied. Thus, the E, 53 is not so special, but merely one of many.

Vehicle registration certificate


AMG E 53 convertible


In-Line Six-Cylinder Turbo-Petrol Direct-Injection

Nine-Speed Automatic

All-wheel drive

2.999 ccm

435 HP (320 kW)

520 Nm

From 0 to 100:
4.5 s

Maximum speed:
270 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
8.8 litres

CO2 emissions:
200 g/km

385 litre

310 litre

1.980 kg

4842 / 1860 / 1428

87.066 GBP

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