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The Eingangrad Geos Gravel hidden Bike battery and Motor so cleverly as hardly any other E -. The can properly pay for it. At one point, however, it is very impractical.


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    Tuesday, 01.01.2019
    At 08:26

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    The first impression: see winners from: elegant way to have the makers of the Geos Gravel batteries and Motor in the wheel is hiding. No wonder that the purist Eingangrad (Singlespeed) has won a main prize at the Bicycle trade fair, Eurobike.

    Says the manufacturer: “the aim was the development of a minimalist, and fully-integrated electric Bicycle,” writes Geos on his Website. The manufacturer Peter Hanstein, career changers, and founder of the Berlin-based Start-ups embodies. Hanstein showed the result of three years of work in the summer at the Eurobike.

    He led a single Speed E-Bike with a carbon belt instead of a chain, and wide balloon tires. The electrification is for him to be regarded even less as the wheels of Coboc or Ampler, hide the battery and Motor also. Is managed by Geos standard cell battery has not stored only in the lower tube, but also in the top tube. This idea was implemented for the first time. They required a new electronics, but the results speak for themselves: The thin-walled steel frame is extremely slim. When the engine Hanstein for Ansmann E-Bike systems from southern Germany decided to: “make the smallest and lightest hub motors.” That the drive had to to the rear, it was clear from the beginning: “If you want a minimalist bike, with only rear-wheel motor.” Medium motors are still rather clunky.

    The we noticed: The top tube, popularly called: the rod. In order to give the battery cells in it, is its cross-sectional approach of a triangular. It extends over the seatpost to the rear. There is an LED tail light makes the conclusion. Is held there by a magnet. Of the light, is the charging socket. Over the two battery units are supplied with fresh power from the mains – take out the batteries.

    Photo gallery

    Guide Wheel – Geos Gravel:
    Battery is in hiding

    It is remarkable how the Geos holds back acoustically. Hardly any E-Bike drive is currently as quiet as the Ansmann System. Like a Toyota Prius at a walking pace, there is only a buzzing noise, as soon as you step in the pedals.

    The bike accelerates well, is also due to the Position of the E-machine. To the rear hub, you can give your power directly to the axis of – the mid-engine there are friction losses.

    In the Stand, however, the engine rattled as soon as a foot pressed on a Pedal such as when Waiting at traffic lights. It should be located in mind that when testing a prototype. In the series Bicycle (delivery from mid-2019) to be fitted with a new Ansmann Motor with speed sensor. Then, the Motor is to be used, according to Hanstein, when the wheel rolls. On Verkaufsrad the E-machine will provide even more steam when Accelerating, while she takes back to the track. “We have developed all the electronics yourself, that is why we have many options for intervention,” says Hanstein.

    However, the Geos will be more of a wheel for a plate of the country than for increases. Because it rolls on five-inch-wide tires, it provides comfort even beyond paved roads. Spring elements would disturb the appearance. It is steep, has to kick the driver in the Cradle. Because then the weight is missing on the rear, lose the almost profile-less tires on the forest due to the significantly Grip. In the town of a Gang is sufficient to completely, for the series Geos on is a gear ratio of 1:2,75: With a turn of the cranks, the wheels rotate so 2,75 Times. This corresponds to a moderate speed. The belt against a derailleur with mountain-ready courses to replace – but then the Singlespeed-Aesthetics is there.

    The need to know: The very special drive, has no inherent disadvantages. Not bad also is that the batteries only have 378 watt-hours of electricity. Usual are more likely to be 400 to 500 Wh, the a correspondingly larger range. The Geos needs in its urban area but not necessarily. Is impractical, however, in the old building, if you have to drag the whole wheel instead of just the battery to the power outlet. The E-bike low weight of 14.7 pounds does not change much. The maximum charging time of the cells is Geos with three hours.

    Data Sheet Geos E-Bike

    Manufacturer: Geos
    Type: Gravel
    Motor: Ansmann 250 W, Rear Engine
    Battery: 30 Lithium-Ion Cells, 378 Wh
    Frame material: steel (Nickel-plated), fork carbon
    Gear set: single Speed gear ratio of 1:2,75 (optional derailleur Sram GX1)

    Brake: Magura MT4, hydraulic disc brake
    Weight: 14,7 Kg
    Price: 4800 Euro

    How fully the batteries are charged, is not seen in Geos Gravel is very easy because the Smartphone is a must. Only the Geos-App informs you about the remaining range. After all, it connects via Bluetooth with the wheel. You should have the timely Reload is missed, the when Geos is less dramatic than in the case of heavier E-Bikes. Without the juice in the cells of the wheel to ride on, even more effortlessly, also because the engine is as good as no Resistance.

    Guide Wheel

    Stevens Super Flight
    As the country, so the wheel

    Cervélo C3
    The light cycle for a snack

    And the price? The Geos will cost 4800 euros. Who is to order, instead of the carbon belt, a chain, saving 200 Euro. In the purchase price of a theft insurance is included. The wheel is offered in three sizes. In the Configurator you can choose for a longer steerer tube for aufrechteres Sit.

    Who is sure of his cause, must Deposit 1000 euros – before the test drive. The reservation could be cancelled later with a money-back guarantee, it means the manufacturer. “This model, we have from Tesla copied,” says Hanstein, with a view on the electric car manufacturer from California.

    In the sales Geos, is collaborating with the mobile Bicycle service, LiveCycle The provides to the customer’s home and repaired bikes on the spot. Alternatively, the Geos can be picked up at one of the seven nationwide LiveCycle locations.

    We will remember: How well an E-Bike as a Singlespeed can. Because beyond the allowed 25 km/h for the maximum pedal Assistance Pedalling at a fixed Translation looks a bit silly.

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