Alpine A110 : the trials of A110 Pure and Legend in pictures !

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In October 2018, the Alpine A110 took part in its first tests in Japan, on the circuit of Fuji.

Has his lost hours, and not without talent, Antony Villain, designer of the Alpine A110, grabs a camera and captures his “baby” during a formal event. Last date : the testing of the A110 on the circuit of Fuji in Japan, where the new Berlinetta comes to be marketed.

Less than a year after its launch official in France, the Alpine A110 lands at the other end of the world : in Australia and Japan, two markets, a distant, but important to the French sports assembly at Dieppe (read our article). And it is on the occasion of the first trials in Asia thatAntony Villain, designer of the ” neo-Berlinette “, has immortalized his pirouettes on the circuit of Fuji.

A usual for the likeable Frenchman, who wields the camera as well as the pen and publishes regularly on the social networks (Instagram and Facebook), pictures of events that the Alpine is involved in : Goodwood, photo session in Monaco, and the first trials in Japan, so.


The A110 First Edition… and the other

For fans (or customers eager to get their mounts…), this is the way to discover in the action of new versions of the Alpine A110, different from the famous “First Edition” of blue color proved by the French press : the presentation in the Japan convened and of the A110 Pure and Legend have shades, seats or alloy wheels specific. And you, what is your Alpine 2018 favorite ?

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