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The youngest child in the program with the M2-Competition.
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About three years after the Start of the M series with the M2 Competition rolls out in September on the streets. For 61.900 Euro there are 410 HP, 40 HP more than the previous M2.

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          The M is to BMW-friends of the highest level, there are to climb in the performance of the brand hierarchy. Since 1972, the separate company operating a subsidiary from a series of power-BMW high-profile athletes. The youngest child in the program for the M2 Competition that rolls around three years after the Start of this series in September on the streets. For 61.900 Euro there are 410 HP, 40 HP more than the previous M2.

          The Competition coupe has a new face. The characteristic of the kidney in the radiator grille has become larger, at the rear, two double exhaust tips, a diffuser to provide a framework for better aerodynamics. The Silhouette of the two-door car, the short dome roof and large alloy wheels in 19-inch Format. Inside the sills, the M2-Competition-lettering, for 1500 euros extra, the sports seats in a more pronounced Cup shape for the driver and front passenger on Board. Provide adequate climate and seat comfort, but above all, excellent page. The is due to the high cornering speeds, the tight coupe in the situation, will be most welcome.

          A changing of the guard there is under the hood. Instead of the previous three-liter in-line six-cylinder N 55 the M2 Competition gets the S-55 with the same number of cylinders and same displacement, which ensures even in the M3 and M4 for blistering performance. Instead of the previous Twin-Scroll turbochargers, a Turbo-Duo put him under pressure, which allows higher speeds and at lower engine speeds faster responsive. Its peak output of 302 kW, the engine of the 5230 up to 7000 Rpm, peak torque of 550 Newton metres is available between 2350 and 5230/min. In connection with the standard, manually shifted six-speed transmission, the number of sixes is always present, shows immense pulling power and reaches the speed heights in a playful way.

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          Still more nimble Sport coupe, despite 35 kilograms more weight with the seven-course double-clutch transmission driving. 4.2 seconds to meet him for the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. switching Manually, the needs of at least 1550 kg M2 0.2 seconds more. The machine costs 3900 Euro extra charge, and allows the sequential Switching of the gears via paddle shifter on the small, leather-covered steering Wheel. The maximum speed is limited as usual to 250 km/h, who has a bigger hurry, you can book the M Driver’s Package for 2450 euros and gets a driver’s training course, as well as raising the top speed to 280 km/h.

          In usage, the automatic also brings an advantage. Instead of 9.8, the Motor requires only 9 litres of fuel on 100 kilometers. Which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 206 and 224 g/km. When it comes to the delay, the system can be optimized already scores active braking system. The M-sport brake system with increased fade resistance for 1400 Euro, if you order it together with the Driver’s Package and the automatic transmission as an M-Track-Pack in the Ensemble for 6650 euros, significantly saves more than 1000 Euro.

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          Despite its name, additive Competition of the M2 is not a project for the customer sport. To own racing series is not intended. But he is supposed to convey on maximum cornering fun. In this case, the differential lock that enables the rear-wheel-driven athletes, the decisive gain in traction helps in addition to the sovereign power. Depending on the driving situation, the locking action variable is changed from 0 to 100 percent, the maximum locking torque of 2500 Nm is available within 150 milliseconds. This allows early acceleration out of corners.

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