An old Porsche 911 electrified with a motor of Tesla

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If this 911 has the look of the original model of 1963, it will not have quite the same flavor…

If Porsche is preparing to launch in 2019, its first electric model with the sedan, Taycan, a small company, however, has taken the lead and presented at the Sema Show 911 of 1977, as well as a motor of a Tesla Model S.

Like most brands, Porsche is considering an electrification progressive of its models, in order to meet the pollution standards more restrictive. If the mark will come out next year its first electric model with the sedan, Taycan, the new-generation 911 will benefit from its side of a variant hybrid fairly quickly. On the other hand, the total electrification of the icon German does not seem planned for now…

Most of the flat-six under the back cover, but an electric motor taken from a Tesla Model S.

However, some have not bothered to do their own 911 power, as we can see with this car, which was presented at the Sema Show last week. Creation of preparer Streetfighter, THE, this car would be based upon a model of 1977, although aesthetically it is similar to a model of first-generation (1963-73).


A 911 power more than 700 bhp

The flat-six of the original has been removed and replaced by a motor of a Tesla Model S, whose power would be increased to 710-hp. When you know that a Model S P100D abat the 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.7 sec, we do not dare to imagine the level of performance of this old 911, not necessarily more light. No detail is provided concerning the battery and the autonomy of the vehicle.

The registry of this electrical unit has apparently been too complicated and required no modification to the chassis or the bodywork. This has not prevented Streetfighter THE to add wide fenders and new wheels BBS, in order to perfect the look of this electric sports neo-retro. The interior has also received some optimizations, receiving a pole-cage-chrome, steering wheel Momo, or even an upholstery specific.

If this car appears to be a single model, there is no doubt that it may make some happy if she ever was offered for sale…


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