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How can you help a Muscle-Car brand to its former glory? Best with a performance escalation: 808 HP rumbling under the hood of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye. Each tour is a Ride on the cannon ball.


Fabian Hoberg

Fabian Hoberg

Sunday, 25.11.2018
At 07:12

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The first impression: Why do they call a manufacturer vehicle “Red-eye”? Perhaps, because of the acceleration of the Veins in the eyeball burst – this could be at the Dodge Challenger SRT Redeye Hellcat happen. With 808 HP, it is the most powerful Muscle Car of the American brand and can drive hardly.

Says the manufacturer: The Dodge Challenger is the third Generation since more than ten years, virtually unchanged built. Simple recipe: sheer Power. “The Fans of our brand are power hungry,” says Steve Beahm, Mopar-chief in the United States. Mopar stands for Motor Parts and is considered to be Service-, parts – and-tuning division within the group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), also belongs to Dodge. In the original era of the Muscle Cars of the sixties, were grouped all the powerhouses of the group’s brands, Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler under the Mopar Label.

For some time now, Chrysler to leave the Nimbus, the tuning daughter resurgence tries a power escalation after the other. 852 HP, the engineers elicited the V8 Hemi engine, for the to 3,300 copies, a limited edition Challenger called Demon (in the seventies there was already a small group of Dodge Muscle Car with the name). Since the end of production of the Demon Fans have had to do with the weaker 717-HP Version of the Hellcat resign. Intolerable for Steve Beahm. “The Redeye gets more power, but also more technology for a better driving behavior,” he says. A wider track under the Wide matters-the Body referred to the wider body. In addition, a rim width of 11 inches and 305-to all around tire for better traction.

The 6.2-Liter V8 Hemi Hellcat gets from the Demon a larger supercharger, stronger connecting rods and pistons, new valve train, and more Fuel-greater fuel supply. The loss of power Beahm founded with the modified air intake guide. Although the left inner headlight had to be replaced in a bellmouth for the air filter, the right of air light inlet for the compressor had to make, and a big air scoop on the bonnet supplies the engine with air, is he in comparison to the Demon easily throttled

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Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye:
Can ride a hardly

We noticed that: Throttled or not, the 808 HP are hard to control. From the Stand, the Kickdown and the fast-shifting automatic in 3.4 seconds to 60 miles per hour (96.6 km/h), which reaches maximum speed of 327 km/h. A short, careless tap of the accelerator pedal, the eight-speed automatic transmission will gear down and the tail breaks out during the ride. On a dry road. Only bother with the ESP captures the rear-back – quick counter-steering of the driver is advantageous.

It is a Muscle Car in the classic sense, the only time that counts is the one on the quarter mile. Here is the Dodge burn 10.8 seconds on the Asphalt, at the end of 211 km/h on the speedometer. So he is just 1.15 seconds behind the greater Demon. Extra for the Dragstrip, The program “Line Lock”. It blocked the front wheels and the pilot can warm up the rear tires via a Burnout in front of the quarter-mile race.

On public roads, the Pirelli’s stick to tires, but less well. Without electronic support, the rear slips away-wheel drive insensitive Gasfüßen at a speed of 100 transverse to the roadway. Also in the curves of the two-door model tilts slightly to the side, pushing under full load with the rear wheel to the outside. On the first couple of kilometres, the fun, and even addictive. However, after two hours of the game to drive and it is exhausting. The driver must be very careful and must not caress the gas pedal, only to not rotating tires and to provoke the eggs dance – especially on country roads which can be dangerous.

However, the throttling of the engine helps. By pressing a button in the Info-Display of the Dodge changes the program of the control unit, adjusted the ignition and fuel injection, the V8 has to do with 500 HP. In addition, there are for the Dodge two keys: with The Red in the ignition switch, the full power is available when Black it is only 500 HP.

Through the four different riding modes-Track, Sport, Custom, and car steering friction change, transmission behavior, damper tuning and accelerator acceptance. At least in the modes “Custom” and a car, the Redeye is a little tamer, drives like a comfortable Grand-Tourer also on country roads. Without the Stress and agitation, the occupants can enjoy the soft and thick baseball glove leather with the broad seams, the carbon bezel on the dashboard, and the aluminum-and-switch offers. Only the massive automatic lever and the hard plastic on the door panels seem cheap.

Like the Sound: In the sliding mode, the engine bass thumps heavy artificial backfiring in the exhaust, especially noticeable when Coasting to a traffic light. Self-Car Muscle-spoiled Yanks look anxious. Who is sitting in a Hellcat, it needs a wide Ego.

The need to know: The normal Dodge Challenger falls in the United States in the field of road transport hardly occurs. The coupe, with 309 HP and a V8, there are 27.295 US Dollar. The SRT Hellcat, with 727 HP costs 61.745 US Dollar, the Hellcat Redeye at least 72.745 USD. In Germany there is not to buy the coupe officially over Import dealer specializing in US-Cars.

You really need to look twice and very carefully to spot the differences. The Redeye, the ventilation holes, concealing for the engine in the Front. Front spoiler, diffuser and a rear spoiler to provide more downforce. Fans of the brand will recognize the model of the red eyes in the side of the logo with the roaring cat.

Let us not forget that The permanent Singing of the compressor, combined with the Rumble of the V8. The kick-down from 120 km/h, the tire mark is still home to two black lines on the Asphalt. So a lot of uncontrolled power to an axle, which wants to permanently anywhere, there is rarely. The Redeye is strong, loud, angry and totally unreasonable – and therefore, fascinating. The hands and feet tingled anyway, after getting out there for a while.

Vehicle registration certificate


Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye


V8 gasoline engine with a supercharger

Eight-Speed Automatic


6.200 CC

808 HP (594 kW)

959 Nm

From 0 to 100:
4.0 s

Maximum speed:
327 km/h

459 Liter

2.019 kg

5027 / 1448 / 1923

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