Apple’s driverless car was a rear-end collision

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Apple has revealed to the world public about his top-secret car project: namely, that this car was in an accident. A very detailed accident report is not.

It happened at walking pace, no one was hurt, and yet it was a remarkable accident. Because it was a self-driving car from Apple, which has been clipped at the on-ramp on a highway by another vehicle from behind. The corresponding accident report, filed by the company, is the only type of publication that is to be expected in the foreseeable future of Apple to his secret project.

At the same time, it was a first for Apple. More than 40 accidents with self-driving cars were registered in California this year, this was the first with a car of the iPhone manufacturer.

Apple uses Lexus-SUVs

Is known about Apple’s project so far extremely little. The company has in California, the permission to test self-driving cars, according to the permission of the competent Department of Motor Vehicles. A lot of New is not also in the accident report. The car was a Lexus SUV from the type RX 405h, built in 2016. With such a model, Google is testing a part of its self-driving technology. All other information in the report relating to the incident, not the vehicle.

The rear-end collision happened, therefore, at 24. August 15 in the vicinity of the company headquarters in Cupertino. The car looked in the Autonomous mode at a speed of less than one mile per hour for a gap in traffic, on a fast road to bring in, as it was touched by a non-Autonomous Nissan, of about 15 miles per hour drove. Whose fault was that, it is not clear from the report.

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An Apple spokesman confirmed the accident report at the request of Reuters, but no further Details.

In a number of media reports had noted that Apple could take over the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. Google parent company, Alphabet, Tesla and car manufacturers such as Ford have the car longer, the approval is for the Robot Tests in California.


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