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Millions of rail commuters will have to set on Monday morning, delays and failures. You need to know now.

During the strike, travelers may take the Ticket without extra charge any other train price, saving Tickets is cancelled for a specific train. Who has tickets for Monday, you can already use on Sunday or on Tuesday. Who wants to change trains because of the strike of the railway to other means of transport, train ticket and reservation in any DB travel centre at no additional cost to reimburse.

In the event of delays, customers can often require a refund or compensation for:

  • starting an hour late at the destination, it returns 25% of the ticket price.
  • in the case of more than two hours customers will receive the half of the price
  • Holders of a bahncard 100 for the second class will receive 60 minutes of delay of ten Euro refundable. For Bahncard 100 holders of the first class is a flat rate of 15 Euro will be refunded.

Although the transport can be affected, as are S-Bahn-customers worse. Only 1.50 Euro, there are in the second class 60 minutes late. And The amounts will only be paid out starting from four euros. Also, anyone who travels in first class, S-Bahn, has not reached this mark: this is Where customers will receive 2.25 Euro for 60 minutes of delay. De facto, the compensation is almost only available to customers with time cards, multiple times in strikes.

Money counter paper form

Just as customers do not get the compensation. You need to in the service center for passenger rights apply. There are either in the train, at the station or online to Print out a form. Digitally, the group will not accept the applications. It is understandable that many customers say the as feeling, a railway spokesman. The Deutsche Bahn wants to change the procedure in the long term.

The paper form must provide the customer with the ticket or the train card number in a travel centre or by Post to send. Only then will the train be processed any claims.

Service providers perform for a fee the Driving

If that is too difficult, the help of providers on the Internet . The principle: the Ticket is upload, the System reads the data and prepares the Basis for the request. It even adds this address and account connection. The Sending of the path the provider accepts. The provider the costs from the second application 0,99 Euro fee. by the end of January 2019 is still free of charge. goes even further: The Portal verifies the claims and makes customer an offer for immediate payment of compensation. For this, the provider charges a fee, whose amount should be based on the prospects of success of the application. A maximum of 20 percent of the potential amount of compensation to be possible, according to the company, would be collected in an average of twelve percent.

This means that the customer has a sum of 50 Euro, he will receive twelve percent fee of 44 Euro. But the to collect within a short period of time and regardless of whether the sum successful of the train.

In cases of hardship, the mediation helps body söp

Otherwise, it may take longer: in the beginning of November, the average waiting time was about ten days. The railway is obliged to process the applications within one month. Unlike some of the Airline, the landscape for compensation claims, settled claims against the railway in the rule, without problems, to enforce, says Karl-Peter Naumann from the passenger Association, Pro Bahn.

If not, consumers can call the arbitration Board for public passenger transport (söp). You a simple 60 to 70 percent of the cases, the benefit of the Customer. Who does so too hastily, it can take a long time to wait, in purchase to get the full claim.

For claims the reason for the delay is playing according to the track no matter. Force majeure the group is not able to invoke – other than airlines -. No matter whether the train due to a warning strike, storm damage or a flooded haul is coming too late – customers are entitled to compensation or reimbursement of costs.

Sometimes a conductor will distribute during the trip, the forms and confirm the delay through a forceps impression. This does not take place, there is no reason to worry about Whether a delay had occurred in the examination of the Application in the System track, so the train speaker.


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