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No power with a load of any kind such as a compressor Kawasaki.
Picture: Böhringer

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX is also suitable for the big Tour. However, this motorcycle has to wear a high tire.

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          No, you can’t blame the Japanese engineers at Kawasaki that they wouldn’t have thought of in the design of the H2 SX to everything: Obvious start of the engine lights up in the morning cold, the word “Ice” on the colour TFT Display in the Cockpit, complemented by a stylized snow crystal. Zero degrees ambient thermometer shows the metallic green and black-painted force grumpy. You parked for the night in 2571 meters in height on the precious cottage, white on the Grossglockner.

          With a significantly increased idle speed and a little ungeschmeidigem the course of the 200-PS-Athlete warms up for upcoming actions; it is only after two, three minutes the speed drops to 1000 in Minute, heiserem buzzing binding whisper. Now the first gear does almost no resistance to loading. The engine can, thanks to its mechanical compressor is completely different, hiding it in the Stand to a large extent. Understatement, where you can hear and also look. Only a single small sign reveals Supercharged.

          As a “Green Porsche Killer”, we have referred to the compressor-Kawa, on the occasion of the presentation of this Kawasaki. During the 4,000 kilometres, which she graduated from in now in our care, she has proved this title to be worthy. You should really drive fast, done the with the highest, almost frightening nonchalance. To whether, with the two side mounted, dimensionally accurate customized Luggage, suitcases or without, we never registered a Commute, Vary, Nookie. Unconditionally stable the Kawa advance glows, reacts immediately to the “fire”. The mechanical loader is working, out of the corner of my eye the extremely fast-growing can be traced to the end of pressure indicator, 12.000 crankshaft revolutions per Minute, tearing a huge hole in the invisible wall in front of the driver. When you Turn Quick help-Shift.

          However it showed very soon that the tyre wear is very high. More than 3000 kilometres, the otherwise excellent Bridgestone-S21-held tire simple, even if only from time to time. Ten percent of the slip on the rear tires at 200 km/h and mutated to an eraser.

          Otherwise, we make a note: Surprisingly good wind protection from the SE Version with a slightly larger wind shield, relaxed Seating position, with an acceptable pressure on the wrists even in the case of a long journey, and sufficient range in the case of swiftly-moving journey on country and mountain roads. The 19-litre fuel Tank, we elicited more than 300 joyful kilometres without refuelling break, with the calculated consumption average over the entire distance at 6.2 liters per 100 kilometers. Upper Maximum, a very acceptable nine litres, bottom 4.9 liters, without Loitering, of course, but even without a Speed excesses.

          The forces to which the H2 SX is capable of, on the pillion seat of a special thing to feel. In the light of a possible acceleration time of well under ten seconds for the Sprint from 0 to 200 km/h or the social need to be on guard, to stay in the saddle. To the second, we were never faster than 200 km/h. Also since of course, without a Twitch and Muck from the Kawasaki chassis.

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          Impressive is not only the case of nominally 200 PS expected power, but the very good driveability of the H2 SX is, but Even yourself as a “coward” described at the end of sample driver test drive of easier accessibility, in full confidence and great affability reported after its 200-mile. Part of this is that this force grumpy from less than 2000 Rpm even in sixth gear smoothly accelerated, and also, no Bitching; you can be in spite of their weight of 270 kg, including the suitcase easy to give in and resist even in an inclined position commands from the driver not to over charge. In addition, the working brakes in curves, without any appreciable set-Up.

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