0-350 km / h driving a Bugatti Chiron, here is what it gives

The Bugatti Chiron, successor to the Veyron, now is the car of the fastest production in the world, no offense to those who constantly tell you about the Tesla Model S P100D.

Chiron is equipped with a W16 engine that developed nearly 1500 hp and a torque of 1180 lb-ft. Its top speed is limited electronically to 420 km / h for security reasons, but theoretically, the car could reach 463 km / h before disintegrate, no doubt.

Bugatti said that his car does 0-97 km / h (0-60 mi / h) in less than 2.5 seconds and 0-200 km / h in 6.5 seconds. You read correctly. The time that a Honda Civic turbo do the 0-100 km / h, the Bugatti is already made 200.

Whatever, someone is filming in the process of speeding up to 350 km / h. See also mount the needle quickly is amazing, it is the case to say!

See for yourselves …

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