2008 Volkswagen Golf City, surprising, coming from a German

German vehicles have the reputation of becoming strong, effective and present excellent road holding. When the time comes to afford a single of these vehicles, we believe inevitably has Mercedes, BMW and Audi. But when we see the cost of these vehicles, it falls back to Volkswagen, the folks”s vehicle. And while the manufacturer delivers costly models, it is also in a position to present much more economical versions, like the Rabbit and Jetta. Having said that, lately, it is also achievable to acquire Volkswagen solutions even much more economical below the name City. Of imported solutions from Brazil and Mexico, which are intended solely for the Canadian marketplace.

On the entry of play, I have to admit that my essay was somewhat skews. The very same day or the City Golf lay my hand, I had to return an agile and excellent Mazda MX-five VITAMINEE MazdaSpeed ​​of derivatives solutions. To realize the circumstance, it is significant to know that a MX-five DOPED presents an impeccable handling, a stiff sport suspension, an incisive steering, tires low profile nicely suited and a entertaining drive to the sonority intoxicating. Now with the City Golf, we get the opposite, virtually. In truth, this is what I have deduced from my initially five minutes of driving. The expertise is unpleasant and a single wonders if a single is driving a German vehicle so the behavior is soft. I rather like driving a utilized vehicle and American and much more!

The lure of novelty passes (overlook the MX-five SpeeDee) and tamed vehicle, tiny defects of the starting look to me much more so irritating. We have to appreciate the vehicle for what it is, that is to say, a compact variety of entry at the price of a subcompact. And in this case, we can honestly say that the vehicle delivers. Having said that, for the cost is desirable, it must drop the costly selections and unnecessary accessories. In the fundamental version, the City Golf provides small. It was straight to the antilock brake program and a radio eight speakers but the gear is so restricted that we have to contain the four doors, steering wheel and the windshield wipers in the list of specifications! Compared to the Match and Versa, each subcompact, the City Golf does not represent the windfall as advertised in televised commercials. It is correct that the fundamental version, the City Golf presents a pretty excellent deal but lorsqu”equipee related way to the Match and Versa, it presents a much less favorable cost. The Match LX detailed a $ 1380 whilst the Versa 1.8SL shows a cost of $ 1498. A City Golf presenting the very same gear worth $ 1985. It is for this cause that we henceforth place on the German reputation and driving pleasure!

Usually the very same! 

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The external presentation and behavior of the City Golf have practically no exchange due to the fact 1999, year of the launch of the new 4th generation Golf. The vehicle presents the pleasant lines and the interior style is nonetheless appreciated for its purity and its simplicity. The front seats are pretty comfy and enable adjustments to discover a excellent driving position. The rear seats considerably mold occupants and space is generous leg, contrary to what is discovered on the Jetta. Note, even so, that the volume of the cabin, in spite of the External dimensions of the City Golf, compares to that of sub-compact models, which is a bit disappointing. The high-quality of match and finish has enhanced more than time and the defects now look a point of the pass. As for the external silhouette, a couple of alterations to the front and rear have updated position the vehicle to enable him to continue his profession and face the fierce competitors in this category.

And to stand out, place on the City Golf driving pleasure of a German automobile. But sadly, it”s that feeling of conduct that disappoints the most for the reason that the behavior of the vehicle rather akin to that of a huge fat American of year 80. Having said that, it has the benefit of becoming extremely routiere with his reassuring stability and excellent soundproofing. Otherwise, the suspension is soft, heavy steering, clutch also lightweight, the stroke of a bit lengthy shift and size of ill adapted tires. The vehicle is not poor in itself, even so, but you have to make to the proof as to present a low cost, you have to reduce someplace. Let”s say the behavior is cozy and the driver is coddling by a vehicle that forgives a lot of driving errors and imperfections of the road. And that may possibly be the target of the vehicle, supplying a uncomplicated compact to drive, comfy and affordable. Let”s face it is prosperous. But the good surprise remains the automatic transmission six-speed which is proposed as an alternative and that masks the discomfort of the two-liter engine. The motor schemes are lowered on all reports and modifications are created without the need of hesitation, suggesting a much more potent engine and much more contemporary. We have to sacrifice some against by the fuel economy if a single opts for the automatic transmission.

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The attraction of deciding on the City Golf therefore remains its base cost. For $ 1300, was entitled to a German vehicle with the comfort of a compact. Hard to examine with its competitors for the reason that the City Golf provides a solution considerably distinct, focusing on the German reputation and displaying a limit gear. If your spending budget is green and the need to personal a Volkswagen is stronger than all, you will have no decision but to opt for a City model. By cons, if you are not also restricted, head rather to the Rabbit and the Jetta supplying a solution much more contemporary.


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2008 Volkswagen Golf City
1300 was $ 230
$ 182
years / 800km
years / 1000km
9.eight / 7 / 10.2l / 100km
Air Conditioning ($ 1 350) and all facilities ($ 1 175)
Honda Match
Mazda3 Sport
Nissan Versa
  • Very good handling
  • effective automatic transmission
  • Beginning cost
  • established engine
  • much less competitive cost with the addition of selections
  • soft suspensions
  • lightweight clutch
  • just energy
  • Printing outdated vehicle

Appreciation card


subjective worth




Common appreciation

three.five / 5Elevee compared to competitors
four. / 5As fundamental version only
four. / 5Encore pleasant to watch
four. / 5It truly cozy
three.five / 5Pas strength
four. / 5Confortable and powerful