2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse, the V6 GT first!

2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse, the V6 GT first!
2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse, the V6 GT first!
2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse, the V6 GT first!
2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse, the V6 GT first!
2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse, the V6 GT first!

The two stars of Mitsubishi cars in Quebec are doing well. The first, Lancer, has charmed the customer with its sporty look, its quality finish and reassuring 10-year warranty powertrain. When a second, Eclipse, she conquered the hearts of many people despite sales slightly smaller than the Lancer. Nevertheless, the Eclipse always turns out one of the references of the niche of compact sports cars.

The icon

With the years, it took a lot of maturity and is endowed with a 6 cylinder engine has. However, it lost its turbo and integral traction, two major assets that made his reputation. What can be said without hesitation that the V6 offers equally and provides stability and reliability a bit more reassuring than the old 4-cylinder turbo. It lacks the integral traction in the current offer to take advantage of a machine that could be called sacred monster of the road. After all, the Lamborghini Murcielago Is not offered in integral traction?

Small alterations noticed

The Eclipse enjoys a slight aesthetic redesign for 2009 and allure that results is significantly more aggressive and intimidating. This is mainly on aerodynamic Elements that Mitsubishi has focused to create this effect. The side skirts are larger and die cut so that the front and rear take up more space under the bumper. The front grille has taken the volume and gives the grille has a large air entrance that would have satisfied the most demanding turbos. Obviously, the new vivid exterior colors available on the Eclipse allow it to stand out and not go unnoticed on the roads. The imposing rear spoiler full the balance of the body but does not add any ground effect car, at least if speed limits are respected.

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Nothing suprising

Aboard the car an air of already seen arises. The interior of the Eclipse is very similar effect that is since 2000, year of the launch of the new generation. Some Elements however benefited adjustments, including the center console and the dashboard, which seems to have been borrowed from the Nissan. The seats are very comfy (a front s.v.p.) while those at the back has only suitable for children or very small adults. Space is account as much legroom as for degagement to the head. But as it is a 2 + 2 sports car, this detail is irrelevant because if we want to instead, opt for another model altogether. Sitting behind the wheel, the controls are all within reach of the hand and the adjustments are numerous enough to find a perfect driving position. The visibility is limited, although sufficient, but the smallness of the mirrors and the position of the rear spoiler in the center of the window reduces the field of vision. And it is not better when we want to check the blind spot because the wide B-pillar combines a small rear window Side do not allow to target cars that would be included in this nebulous area. Otherwise, the interior of the Eclipse is well designed and is fully feels the wheel of a sports car and pleasant to drive. The audio system is powerful satisfy the vast majority of buyers.

What sonority this V6!

It is however its dynamic qualities that make the driver smile. And I speak of course of those tried and true on the GT-P version V6 engine as the Eclipse GS 4 cylinders do not possess the DNA of a true sports car. She looks good but do not hope too sporty handling its 162 horses. This is completely the opposite with version 6 cylinders issued no less than 262 horsepower. Of cranking the engine, when the same or the key is turned, the noise of the starter motor that rotates the presage a worthy behavior of a Ferrari. Then, the silent spitting his first decibels for us to discover high sonority in frequency. It is far from the sound of a car has 8 cylinders with his deaf and fat rumble, but close to that of the most powerful exotic cars emanates engine has 10 cylinders. I thick butter, I agree, but I love that sound, it is meant the same driving a G37 or a Porsche Boxster, a car that screams!

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A bomb

Then comes the time to take off, which occurs in less than 6 seconds if you possess the genes of a racing driver and that you handle the speed of the arm Schumacher (holds, I am looking forward to the car resume the track it). Transmission 6-speed is a charm to handle and gear changes are carried out with surgical precision despite a very slight softness of the lever. A senior diets, it is not as accurate as we would have hoped but it’s only a small detail, since the changes are generally performed well on this side of the red line. The accelerations are lightning and the torque effect is fairly well controlled considering the available power. By choosing the right gear, the times are vivid and instantaneous, allowing very easily exceed the latecomers who drive at maximum speed. The big 18-inch tires provide excellent road contact and help to limit the roll rigid suspensions that control everything from even well enough. The handling is fabulous, but the streets that abound in goose-nest or that present a degradation state advance. But obviously, you do not drive a Cadillac …

Eclipse is an exceptional car and its price makes it accessible to all. It must be operated with restraint because the differences are very tempting. Versions 4 cylinders will satisfy those who rely primarily on appearance or fuel economy while those in V6 engines find nests among the most demanding. Whatever the choice, be sure that reliability, the solidity and renamed the Eclipse fill you without any doubt.