2010 Ford Taurus, Ford was right!

The surprise had been wonderful in 2008, when at Auto Show in Chicago, Ford had announced the abandonment of the name for the 5-Hundred sedan big to return the name of Taurus, abandoned some years prior to. The 5-Hundred name had been located at a time when the name of any Ford item was debuter by the letter F. The Fusion, even so, was born at that time. A small a lot more and we ended up with a Ford Franger! Ford explained his choice to return to the Taurus by admitting that the name had a optimistic sounding to public ears. I note that the name had been banned in just a couple of years earlier …

Even so, and regardless of all the respect that I had at that time (and I usually have) the strategists of advertising at Ford, I sophisticated a wonderful keyboard strokes that it is not a name that persons acquire, but brand and particularly a item. Now, barely two years later, we ought to admit that return to the Taurus name seriously was not a negative thought. A proof through our two-week trial through the holidays, no 1 pronounces the name 5-Hundred as soon as, except an English pal who complained of obtaining to disburse $ 500 to repair the heat pump but ca individual at Ford, nor in Morin apart from, there can something!

The future a lot more than the previous
In addition, the Taurus is a vehicle so profitable as its previous, in some cases disorder, is currently forgotten. 1st, admit that the physique displays stunning curves and style, with no falling into excess, distinguishes in the automotive jungle. Its size is impressive when parked so visualize when the parks! Yes, it requires up space. The excellent side of it is that the cabin is straight proportional and that 5 persons can be seated in comfort. In current years, Ford is investing a lot of work (and below, by extension) to produce silent vehicles. In the case of the Taurus, is completely managed. In a significantly less calm region contain the Sony audio method proves to be quite excellent top quality.

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In this vast interior, the designers have planned a big console that thankfully does not come also encroach on the habitat. Speaking of space, note that these granted to storage are not legion, but at least 1 that is in the console and trunk has gloves are excellent size. The boot, for its element, may perhaps, at the limit, hosting a CN freight train. I hardly exaggerate! Also opening is quite big. Only complaints, the threshold is higher and it is challenging to open the lid with no dirtying your fingers (particularly in winter). A modest depression in the rear bumper would be welcome. But there is a detail compared to this horrible method which operate the wipers 3 or 4 seconds immediately after they completed sweeping the windshield following a washer jet. By providing this 1 courtesy in cold climate and in visitors, they come rebeurrer» windshield (shoots of Each and every time, the $? * (@ Wipers to come any r”beurrer the windshield! ). I”m becoming of infinite kindness, I would most likely peter my verify to the director of dealer service if I was the owner of a Taurus …

The seats are quite comfy and the driver permits, in collaboration with the telescopic adjustable steering wheel and optional pedalboard, outstanding driving position of a identical visibility generally flawless, except towards the back. Individuals taking location at the back gates are, as significantly by the degagement grants legs, elbows and head as per their comfort. In addition, their access is comfy. Even the central square deserves a passing grade! It is probable to reduce their case to additional boost the capacity of the trunk. Even so at this time, they do not kind a flat bottom. Also, handling in winter, with thick gloves, is not some thing aisee.

And that”s just the base engine!
Even if all the limelight have turned to sports SHO, we can not say that any brief Taurus is not talented. Very the contrary! Its three.five-liter V6 atmospheric created all the identical 263 horsepower and 249 foot-pounds of torque. This engine is quite contemporary and it can bring about the 1916 kilos of the Taurus up to 100 km / h in eight.two seconds, which is not practically nothing. Even at low eating plan, energy is in no way lacking. Ford announces 12.three liters per 1 hundred kilometers in the city and 7.9 on the highway. Through our two-week trial, we largely ride on roads Estrie (study Often in the ratings), in some cases in somewhat cold climate. The 11 liters / 100 km obtained we had been blown away! Specifically as the Taurus adapts effectively to standard gasoline. Bravo! 

It ought to most likely also congratulate the automatic transmission has six gears. It makes it possible for the engine to not turn unnecessarily rapid way. For instance, a 100 km / h, the tachometer indicates that 500 revolutions / minute (800 to 120), a feat! This box operates gently and transparency. By cons, its manual mode does practically nothing in the conduct of daily and, increasingly, Positioned shifters on the steering wheel are far from clear to use.

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I have not been in a position to test only a Taurus driven by the front wheels. Our copy was endows the integral cog that operates wonders in the snow and on floor glacee, generating the displacements significantly safest as far as we would use a small judgment (in my case, this n ” ca is missing, my wife reminded me at any time I have the straightforward judgment …)

A balanced vehicle
A vehicle can possess a quite excellent physical and mechanical improvement, it ought to also present other products agreeing house to all. In the case of the Ford Taurus, the engineers have performed a wonderful job. The brakes are quite effective when the steering is precise and gives excellent feedback. The chassis appears size of a element as it is rigid and suspensions we hung there (struts in front and multi-hyperlinks at the rear) supply as significantly comfort as stability.

In addition to concoct a excellent vehicle, Ford succeeds in providing it at a value immediately after all quite inexpensive. Our Taurus SEL AWD was costing $ 3799. To this we ought to add $ 030 solutions for a total of $ 3829. In the identical category, Toyota presents a far significantly less pleasant Avalon XLS to drive with no integral cog ($ 3285). Buick LaCrosse CXL presents the new AWD, nicer but a lot more pricey ($ 3295). There is also the Chrysler 300 Touring AWD, definitely significantly less pricey but the resale worth is roughly zero. No, the a lot more you believe, the a lot more the Taurus is a excellent deal!


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Price tag variety

model of value testing

Fundamental warranty

Powertrain Warranty

Consumption (city / highway / observed)



Robust points

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2010 Ford Taurus
2999 was $ 472
$ 382
years / 600km
years / 1000km
12.three / 7.9 / 11l / 100km
With each other Techno SEL: ambient lighting inside, adjustable bottom bracket, parking help, Sony method, SYNC ($ 2700) block heater ($ 80) Leather Seats ($ 750) Seats multicontour ($ 600)
Buick LaCrosse, Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Nissan Maxima, Toyota Avalon
  • impressive interior size
  • Protected equally impressive
  • Silence rolling
  • effective and frugal engine
  • Price tag studied
  • imposing size
  • Protected challenging to open the winter
  • also sensitive rear sonar
  • Wipers maddening (see text)
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three.five / five
four. / five
four. / five
four.five / five
four. / five
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