2017 Toyota Prius: The flagship of the brand

As published in the 2017 Auto Guide

With its new Prius fourth generation, Toyota has offered a mission to expand the pool of possible purchasers for its hybrid auto, which has turn out to be a trademark in its personal correct. Definitely, these accountable for beginning the Japanese manufacturer will be pleased if the currently acquired buyers Prius want to replace their existing automobile with the final model!

Toyota aims wider, but with a auto to appear extremely polarizing, with flagship futuristic and extremely profiled lines to the back. In brief, style side, the new Prius is not unanimously, but it turns out, nonetheless, successful in terms of aerodynamic efficiency thanks to its coefficient of trainee remarkably low, .24.

Prius fourth generation receives a new multi-hyperlink rear suspension triangulated double levers, which replaces the torsion beam fitted to earlier generations. The outcome is convincing, given that the Prius is significantly additional comfy in sporty driving, which can nonetheless look paradoxical offered his vocation ecological auto. It is nonetheless not turn out to be as dynamic a Mazda3 or a Volkswagen Golf, but it demonstrated a road behavior genuinely additional inspired than just before.

Significantly less than four. liters per 100 km is feasible!

Adopting a regular pace or rolling at speeds that permitted me to comply with the flow of targeted traffic in town and on the highway, the typical consumption observed was decrease to four. liters per 100 kilometers. The official consumption figures are respectively four.four l / 100 km city and four.six on the road for an typical of four.five liters per 100 km, which is really credible in the light of our test.

The energy of the new Prius is chiffree has 121 horsepower, versus 135 for the earlier model. On reading these information, one particular may well consider that the engine of the new model is significantly less strong than the old, but this is not the case, the loss of energy getting not as theoretical as it is established on the basis of current calculation requirements SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) adopted in Japan. On the road, we see that the overall performance of the new model are comparable to these of the anterior model, each in cost-free acceleration in occasions. On the other hand, it is unfortunate that the road noise even filter into the cabin, a sign that the soundproofing is nevertheless perfectible.

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It”s normally a higher-tech appear that premium for the dashboard on which we notice a new colour touch screen, has the use extremely friendly. All controls are conveniently identifiable and the interface is flawless.

The Premium model

With Prime Prius, Toyota continues its offensive in reviving the rechargeable hybrid (plug in). By way of the optimization of the Shared hybrid with traditional Prius and specifically thanks to the adoption of a battery of eight.eight kWh, the premium would be capable of an typical consumption estimated at significantly less than 1.96 liter to 100 km, according to engineers from Toyota, that they define its autonomy would be 965 km with a completely charged battery and tank of 43 liter tank of gas.

With regard to the full charging of the battery, it requires 5 and a half hours a household receptacle 120 volts, this period getting decreased by half if the auto is plugged into a 240 volt terminal. The Prius Prime is also capable of traveling 35 kilometers on the only energy of its electric program, lined autonomy compared to the anterior model.

The Prius Premium provides only 4 locations given that the center console extends involving the rear seats. Some models can also be equipped with a new higher definition screen 11.six-inch colour Toyota echoing the look of electric vehicles Tesla. Premium stands out from the traditional model with lights that surround the back component and sort of LED headlights.

Just before the redesign, the Prius line was composed of 4 models like Prius aims additional loved ones and Prius C city vocation, in addition to the traditional Prius, and its rechargeable version (which had discreetly been withdrawn from the marketplace). As the year 2016 has been marked by the arrival of the fourth generation model, followed closely by its rechargeable version, it is to be anticipated that new versions of the Prius emerge quickly, whilst Toyota will continue to create the niche of the hybrid auto he designed.

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