50 years of automotive passion: an advertisement for the Car Guide 2016

For half a century, the Vehicle Guide, resolutely turned towards the future, informs you of the most up-to-date trends and new technologies of the superb planet of the automobile.

On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we treated ourselves to a journey in time by way of distinct important eras, by means of a quick advertisement (which you can see above). It tells the story of a passionate – like a lot of of us – who faithfully reads his Vehicle Guide year right after year, by way of the generations.

How have we managed to recreate 4 distinct eras in a single day of perform? Comply with us behind the camera behind the scenes of the filming and production.

1st, we had to uncover a timeless representative place in the history of Quebec. Considering that there was no query to recreate all components of a street in the studio we chose the bookstore Daigneault in Saint-Hyacinthe for its facade but also for its place. The Rue des Cascades keeps the spirit and the arranging of our historical heritage.

Then we had to uncover how very easily distinguish the distinct periods on screen … Quick. Our specialty. What far better way to instantly recognize a decade with vehicles? With a series of quickly vehicles meticulously selected for years 60, 70 and 90, instantly you know which period we are.

The subsequent challenges that calls for study to our production group had been actors and their costumes. If 2015 is not a issue, it was vital to unearth costumes for anterior epochs.

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OK! We have a place, vehicles and costumes. It lacks the cast. The group had to uncover actors who are sufficiently equivalent from one particular generation to the other so that we have an understanding of that it was one particular and the exact same character. We will disclose you a production secret genetics. The two males who embody our amateur by turns the years 2000 and 2015 are father and son.

Lastly, right after a extended day of shooting and an impressive video installation perform, the final solution represents our really like for vehicles and the passion we share with you year right after year for yet another fifty years.

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