8000 orders in 3 days for the RAM Ecodiesel

Significantly less than 72 hours soon after the opening of orders for its new truck in 1500 Group of Ecodiesel engine, RAM had currently received extra than 000 applications of its dealers, fulfilling the initial backlog. This represents half the RAM 2014 is foreseen so far. A different surprise, extra than half of these trucks are sold to shoppers who have not but been in a position to attempt the automobile.

The RAM 1500 Ecodiesel, with a towing capacity of 200 lbs (4173 kg) and a consumption of eight.four L / 100 km on the highway, is the only minivan in 1500 to give a diesel engine on the market place.

If you want to order your RAM Ecodiesel truck proper away, know that the business will create the autos sold in advance ahead of these dealers clamoring for their inventories.

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