A Chevrolet concept for Shanghai

Ahead of the Shanghai Auto Show, Chevrolet has just unveil the first image of the concept that it will launch at the opening of the event. The front that you see on the image above is the concept of the FNR.

There are virtually no official information yet, indeed, even the image that landed on my desk this morning from a independent website (auto.sohu.com). However, we know that this concept will be a way for GM to present new technologies. It is still unclear exactly why, but it is possible that some come from the EN-V concept 2.0, which incorporated several systems destined to the automated driving network. If this is the case, we can expect to see guidance systems, active controls for movement and a boot device that recognizes the driver by his pupils, among other things.

engine rating, it is virtually certain that the concept is right FNR has an electric motor.

The origin of the name of the car is quite simple has deciphered: FNR is an acronym for Find New Roads (find new roads), the international slogan for Chevrolet.

The vehicle, which was developed by GM”s technical center in Asia, will be unveiled for the first time the next week at the Shanghai Motor Show.

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