A collection of a breath Ferrari

Most men have developed a deep love for exotic cars and, at a young age. Who has never claimed to be a rich person to a Lamborghini dealership gives him access to his car … Let”s see, who did not attempt the coup? Setting apart these deviations driving, few were actually able to admire such a vintage car in detail.

The Stradman, a US popular YouTuber, had the opportunity to set foot in a garage that houses one of the biggest Ferrari collections in the world. And to make everything worthy of an action film, the collection is located in a place keeps secret in the Swiss Alps.

The museum, do not be afraid to call it, contains the most iconic cars of the Italian manufacturer. These include, among others, F40 and F50, but the Enzo and the LaFerrari. I must tell you that my eyes look more to the F12 TDF, the 458 Speciale and the 599 GTO. Real beauties!

Hold onto your jaw by watching the video. Otherwise, you may need to recover the ground.

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