A garage of 65 million euros and 104 years of history in a video

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When you think of British cars, we usually imagine two scenarios. For one, the royal family is seen on the back seat of a Rolls Royce parading the streets of London. On the other hand, we want James Bond driving an Aston Martin in an incredible lawsuit that will probably end in a stream or explosion. I am wrong?

In these few lines, we’ll discuss the second option, but no automobile stunt … almost.

Aston Martin has recently opened a second production plant in St Athan in South Wales. The plant aims to increase the manufacturer’s production capacity for the arrival of the new DBX, the first SUV of the brand planned for 2019. The new plant includes three hangars that once housed some aircraft the Army of Royal air. Needless to say they are very big!

In order to inaugurate their new acquisition, the manufacturer has produced a video bringing together 28 special models and summarizing 104 years of history in just under 7 minutes. They assessed the value of the cars seen in this short film is 65 million!

Personally, I got chills during the viewing. One perceives there an A3, a DBR1, a One-77, many Vantage, a DB11 and although obviously a Valkyrie. I advise you very strongly to take these few minutes of your day, turn up the volume of your electronic device and let you seduce by the English charm. This is not wasted time, believe me!

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