A Jeep Cherokee Hellcat in the plans?

Because a couple of months currently, a extremely singular rumor in the automotive planet. Not content material to supply a higher overall performance variant of its Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT model with 470 horsepower and, FCA would be concocting us Hellcat variant which, as its name suggests, would inherit the identical supercharged V8 HEMI six two liters and 707 horses that the Challenger and Charger of the identical name.

According to anonymous sources, FCA would certainly presently building the most effective Jeep ever conceived, even greater, the project – which is known as Project K internally – have supposedly currently been authorized by management.

The massive SUV would have a energy of 700 horses and an approximate torque of 650 lb-ft (even though is probable that it is electronically restricted, considering that the integral cog in the truck could have difficulty to handle as several juice!).

If the rumor is confirmed, the Grand Cherokee would get a big benefit more than other models equipped with this engine: it would be sufficient traction to go from to 100 km / h in three seconds or significantly less, beating most SUV Speedy now – or the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S – roughly 1 second!

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