A Jeep history: JK vs vs YJ YJ

A Jeep history: JK vs vs YJ YJ
A Jeep history: JK vs vs YJ YJ
A Jeep history: JK vs vs YJ YJ
A Jeep history: JK vs vs YJ YJ
A Jeep history: JK vs vs YJ YJ

Few vehicles are also universally recognized as the Jeep Wrangler, since her figure has hardly changed in 70 years. By cons, timeless style just play him a dirty trick: many neophytes still think that the frame of the 2015 Jeep Wrangler is the same as those of small American military vehicles that were used to liberate France in 1944 to defeat this myth (well that to have an excuse to move me Wrangler brand new for a week), I request Chrysler to lend me one of his 4×4 and I contacted a couple of friends, not a possessing but two Jeep Wrangler YJ 1987 and 1989, respectively. Here are the protagonists of this game.

The youngest

Firstly, the Jeep fresh out of the factory: it is a Wrangler Unlimited (thus four portieres) Sahara (JK model of appointment). It is richly equipped, with comfortable heated seats in leather, GPS navigation, air conditioning and an easy folding soft top. We find under the hood the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 that is now shipping with several Chrysler vehicles. It develops 285 horsepower and 260 foot-pounds of torque. The Wrangler comes automatically with a manual transmission is six-speed operation without reproach. Unfortunately, our test model had a 5-speed automatic has to relay power to the differential. This box works well, but nothing more (and according to our Jeep enthusiasts, it spoil the experience of driving!). This is an option of $ 1495 which we would voluntarily pass. The appearance of our 2015 model was very noticeable: all options Altitude entitled him to full black treatment, including inland trim, bumpers, 18-inch wheels, grille and even a beautiful matt sticker on the hood. No doubt, this Jeep is the perfect embodiment of the modern 4×4!

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A surprise under the hood

If we place the Jeep YJ 1987 at his side, immediately observed several differences. Not surprising, because contrary to popular belief, these vehicles do not share one common room. And since the current owner acquired it there makes some changes: if the YJ leaves the dealership with a 4-cylinder developed by AMC in 1984, it is now powered by a 5.0-liter V8 ( a 305, if you prefer) from a 1984 Pontiac Trans Am and a gearbox tiree a Chevrolet Blazer. If this configuration may seem blasphemous, know that it is relatively common, since the original drive Wrangler YJ seriously lacked punch.

The last Jeep our game is as it changes, but differently: first we notice the tires 33 inches and orange paint, but once we still have a surprise lifting the cover, since we can read the words on Vortec V6 cutlery valves. This device was taken in a GMC Astrovan, and is now fed by a carburetor body has four instead of the original mechanical injection. The reason is simple: the former owner (who made the conversion) was that it was easier to work on a carburetor on an electronic system! This Jeep YJ is also higher than 15 centimeters, given that its blades suspensions were reversed.

You now know the players, but how to put them to the test? Leading them, of course!

The Wrangler is not the most comfortable vehicles on the road. Their independent suspensions are designed to provide good deflection in the first place, and then comfort. They are not aerodynamic, and management is deliberately vague to help driving off-road. But next to its predecessor, the Wrangler Unlimited is a reference in the area of ​​comfort! The suspension of a YJ jogs each bump, the short wheelbase ensures that you will hit said bump with each wheel substantially at the same time (although this also gives the Jeep YJ a very tight turning circle) and the inner ergonomics is downright more spartan. No air conditioning or heating seats here!

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These trucks have, however, something that has not JK: everything is mechanical, the pedals, the steering wheel and gear lever are subsequently assembled mechanically to elements of the Jeep. This results in a driving much more interesting and engaging! My apprehensions were on the side of consumption: a small Jeep with a big engine and it was a manual transmission be more frugal than my 2015 model? My fears were unfounded: after a good hike, my Jeep had an average of 15.6 liters per 100 km, while the YJ V8 engine turning around the 19 l / 100 km. As for the Jeep with Vortec, her big tires give it a beautiful large traction, they also require a lot of force to rotate them: he could not do better than 20 liters per 100 km … I hear already the American muscle fans shouting, But that big V8 should be good fast! Compare the original 4-cylinder, yes. But once again, progress wins: the new Jeep performs 0-100 in 10 seconds, 2 seconds faster than the V8 YJ. For cons, the sonority of the big V8 Chevrolet is much more intoxicating than the Pentastar V6!

A matter of taste … and means

In the end, the conclusion of this test match is hard to do: Although the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited wins comparison whenever we mention figures, the fact remains that all the testers of the game have been more driving pleasure both Jeep YJ that the newest model, also higher it is. My judgment is the following: to live every day, summer and winter, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2015 is an excellent choice, as it can become a convertible, 4×4, truck, or a jalopy pat-a-l’oeil depending on your mood.

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But for lovers of mechanical, former YJ models offer a range of impressive possibilities since it is practically a set of Lego blocks. If you want to get this direct mechanical contact with the machine, you want to build a machine to your image, and you’re not afraid of a little mechanical and discomfort, you will find a kind of pleasure completely different with a former model.

And if you hit an obstacle during a drill in shipping, you will have much less remorse watching the wing Bossée your old YJ than a Wrangler Unlimited for $ 45 000 …

To each his Jeep!