A Mazda2 sedan for Thailand

Just prior to the get started of the Auto Salon Thailand, Mazda unveiled a version of its Mazda2 sedan will be marketed shortly.

The diminutive Mazda2 is a resounding accomplishment due to the fact its launch, and it nearly Partou: Japan has declared vehicle of the year 2014-2015 and it sells really nicely in quite a few methods. For 2016, it will be modernized, and its hatchback version has currently been confirmed for right here.

Nonetheless, Mazda has just unveil a sedan version, which will be presented in Thailand. More than there, this vehicle is the finest promoting model manufacturer, with more than 12,000 units passed due to the fact its launch in January 2010.

For the rest, this is the similar specifications as these of the Mazda2 we know dej: SKYACTIV 1.five-liter engine and figure respecting the philosophy Kodo are component of the recipe.

For now, this vehicle will be sold in Thailand. Nonetheless, this story is to comply with, due to the fact the US industry is commonly fond of sedans as automobiles hatchback and Mazda would most likely have any interest to give that small jalopy right here …

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