A prototype of Ford Super Duty in hand smoke

A prototype is produced to be tested. We attempt to come across all the small troubles on the new car, and typically pushes the technologies to its complete.

So do not be astonished if occasionally some breakage happen. By cons, it is rarer than the prototypes go on smoke, as is the case right here!

It appears that an accident took spot whilst the Ford engineers have been testing the new Ford Super Duty truck. Throughout a test tow, a fire would be declared in a front wheel, prior to extend to the complete car. Fortunately the occupants had the presence of thoughts to place the car on the side of the road and to keep strictly in, considering that the truck explosion blast a couple of minutes later.

Barely 20 minutes following the onset of the initial flame, the prototype had absolutely disappeared.

This fire, even so we discovered some echoes: the car will be mostly aluminum. A single can see from the images that numerous components of the physique have melted, which signifies they are produced of this lightweight material.

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