A version Cup Mercedes-Benz ML unveiled in Beijing

Mercedes-Benz introduced the idea of a future SUV reduce primarily based on the really preferred ML at the Beijing Auto Show.

Following the launch of the BMW X6 in 2008, a lot of people today believed that the bizarre SUV-coupe-four doors would be ridiculed by the public, and would have sold some units only. Six years and 23,000 copies later, a lot of makers bitterly regret not possessing jumped into this industry earlier!

Mercedes-Benz hence attempt to steal some sales X6, which is presently alone in his niche. To do this, the German manufacturer BMW imitate primarily based on the basis of its most preferred SUV, the ML.

The new car will use a three-liter V6 and an automatic transmission has new reports associated to the 4Matic method to move.

In addition, the MLC will be equipped with an air suspension, and big 22-inch wheels.

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