Acura RLX 2014: Direction: summit

As published in the 2014 Car or truck Guide

The RL is Acura wanted the flagship in the category of luxury sedans. More than the years, having said that, it lost its recognition to other far more spacious sedans and, let”s face it, most inspired the style level.

RL So now ceded its spot the new RLX. To restore his prestige to the flagship, Acura designers have created the most significant auto, quieter, far more sophisticated, far more luxurious, safer and far more fuel thrifty. Nothing at all much less.

In response to customer demands and industry trends in this niche, RLX has been promoted in the interior as to the outdoors. She earns only .five cm in total length, but its wheelbase enhanced from 280 to 285 cm and door-to-front overhang was decreased by five.five cm. Resulta: far more interior volume, and a considerable space savings for passengers back. RLX now delivers far more legroom in the back than the Audi A6, BMW five Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Lexus GS.

Below the hood, a new three.five-liter V6 direct injection has replaced the old three.7-liter V6. It produces 10 far more horsepower (310) and torque of 272 lb-ft, but it is significantly far more power effective. In addition, it is supplied with a variable cylinder management device (VCM) which deactivates 3 cylinders when driving a cruising speed on the highway. The CVM enables drastically decrease secondary power use: According to Acura, the RLX has returned six.four liters per 100 km (eight.two against the former RL). The combined consumption is now eight.six liters per 100 km, an improvement of 1.five liters compared to the old model.

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The automatic transmission has six gears drives the front wheels only. Acura supplies for launching a hybrid sports model has integral traction later this year.

4-wheel steering
One particular of the most fascinating of RLX known as Precision Program nouveautes all directional wheels (P-AWS). As its name suggests, this technique makes it possible for electronically controlled rear wheels to turn to the appropriate or left turn, more than an arc of 1.eight degree. Honda currently has a technique makes use of 4 wheel steering in the previous, the Prelude in 1987 and 1988.

The P-AWS is remarkably powerful. Its impact is specially noticeable when a man complete? Fast deployment lane adjust. When we brought back the wheel following possessing avoided an obstacle, for instance, we really feel that the back once again as quickly his spot and we stay properly controlled. Commonly, a maneuver like this may possibly bring about oversteer and sway. In greenhouses cornering, the technique is proving really powerful as it eliminates virtually understeer. The objective of the P-AWS is to boost the handling of RLX. In reality, it is mainly a device that increases the security in man? Emergency performs.

Suspension, totally critique is far more versatile. RLX is also equipped with a torque distribution technique which slows the wheels of the inner side of the turn, which need to make winter driving.

Functional, comfy, protected

The dashboard has been entirely redesigned. A 7-inch touch screen makes it possible for various functions, which permitted to decrease from 28 to 9 the quantity of buttons on the center portion of the dashboard .. A second screen – eight inches – shows the functions of the chain audio and navigation technique if any.

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RLX is drastically quieter than the RL, it filters greater noise from the road and these of the insulation thanks engine of employment and acoustic glass. This Acura is also supplied with a technique active noise cancellation by implies of the audio chain. RLX henceforth amongst the quietest sedans on the industry. In addition to the simple model, RLX is also offered in Tech and Elite versions. In the latter, there are a complete variety of assistive devices is driving, such as a lane-maintaining technique and adaptive cruise manage with low speed function to preserve his distance from the front of automobile up has a full cease. These options are in addition to these currently incorporated in the version of Tec: lane departure warning, collision warning forward, blind spot monitoring. The new bodywork is created to greater absorb the front and side impacts.

The Acura RLX 2014 is drastically refined the earlier model, specially in matters of road holding, and delivers a variety of gear and alternatives series. Quick to visualize that she could climb in the head of its category, till now dominated by German tenors.