Acura TSX Sport Wagon 2011: First North American at New York Auto Show

The all-new Acura TSX Sport Wagon 2011 will be presented for the 1st time Wednesday, March 31 at the International New York Auto Show.

The new TSX Sport Wagon is created to meet the contemporary demands in matters of utility automobile with balanced efficiency, an power-effective character, distinctive styling and versatile cargo space. The Sport Wagon will make its entry at Acura dealerships in the late fall. She then joins a variety that currently involves the TSX sedan 4-cylinder and V6.

Right here is the press release issued to this impact:


The Acura TSX Sport Wagon 2011 enters it at Acura dealerships in the late fall

The new Acura TSX Sport Wagon 2011 was presented in planet premiere at the International New York Auto Show. The TSX Sport Wagon is a sensible answer to the present demands of customers in search of a utility automobile by supplying a balanced and effective driving coupled with bold styling and versatile cargo space.

The TSX Sport Wagon is The greatest option for Canadians hunting for a utility automobile, stated Jerry Chenkin, executive vice president of Honda Canada Inc. This is a sensible automobile, enjoyable to drive and luxurious and that generates outstanding ADDITION of fuel savings.

The TSX Sport Wagon is a automobile to each utilitarian and versatile with a spacious interior, characteristics that are excellent for young households or couples with an active life style. TSX Sport Wagon is distinguished by its space revolutionary and functional storage at the rear, which comprises a removable lateral panel for accommodating bulky things such as golf sticks, storage bins getting otherwise hidden in the floor. In addition to its dimensions appreciable stowage space, the TSX Sport Wagon is endowed with a vast and comfy cabin for up to 5 adults.

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Utilities TSX Sport characteristics are cleverly hidden behind an sophisticated silhouette of European inspiration to sleek styles. His prominent wheel arches overlook the 17-inch wheels five-rays that confer an energetic port Sport Wagon. His chiseled physique, all muscle tissues, and roof bows reflect the automobile“s efficiency possible and accentuate its aerodynamics.

TSX Sport Wagon is powered by a two.four liter four-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC, which is combined with an automatic transmission five reports SportShift sequential and has a speed selector mounted on the wheel. Drawing on his sport sedan heritage, the TSX Sport Wagon is renowned for its excellent maneuverability and its rapidity of acceleration to the cease, characteristics that permit the driver to quickly negotiate the turns of a winding mountain road or skillfully lead his urban automobile.

The list of characteristics offered in series gear on the TSX Sport Wagon is impressive. Amongst these involve an electric sliding roof glass, an air conditioning technique has two regions, leather seats, the HandsFreeLinkMD Bluetooth® technique and a premium audio chain with USB and auxiliary audio interface. Like all Acura automobiles, the TSX Sport Wagon is endowed with a complete variety of series of security characteristics, which includes the physique structure has sophisticated accounting (ACE &#x2122) that increases the security of passengers.

On his arrival at Acura dealerships, at the finish of the fall, the 2011 TSX Sport Wagon will appeal to customers hunting for a luxury automobile variety of input utility. This new model will be added to the variety Venture, in which currently incorporated the well known sports sedan endowed a four cylinder engine and equipped counterpart of a spirited V6.

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Specifications TSX Sport Wago:
Longueu: 811 mm (189.four in)
Largeu: 839 mm (72.four in)
Only matched: 471 mm (57.9 in)
Empattemen: 705 mm (106.five in)
Rim: aluminum alloy wheels 17 x 7.five in five rays
Quantity of location: five passengers