An indoor parking estimated at 30 million, ca you say?

It is a suburb of Hollywood that we find the house in the most expensive sale of the United States. The house, or rather the palace, for sale at $ 250 million is situated very close to Los Angeles, California and includes 12 rooms, 6 kitchens and 21 bathrooms. The house we also reserve a garage housing a luxury car collection evaluated to nearly 30 million.

This magnificent exhibition debuted a Pagani Huarya Personalized according to the tastes of the owners. The market value of a Pagani has evaluated 2 million. Endowed with a 6L V12 biturbo engine developping more than 730 horses, the Pagani is powered by a supercharged version of the engine of the Maybach Mercedes manufacturer. With only 24 copies per year factory in hand, one can easily understand that the Pagani Huarya be exposed in such a house!

Everything near the Pagani we find a Spyker C8, evaluated a little more than $ 750,000. The car is equipped with a 4,2L V8 engine straight out of a drawing boards of Audi.

Furthermore, there is a Morgan Three Wheeler. The Morgan model is not as expensive as one might think. In fact, it is probably the car of the garage, which remains the most accessible. We assessed its value to that of an Audi S3, slightly more than 40 000 $. However, the Three Wheeler is distinguished by its unique style. Morgan did not break the head as many automakers. The brand retains the essence of the engines that the manufacturer produced a hundred years ago. We obviously improves the transmission that is now available in 5 manual reports and the frame. Besides these two aspects, no other extravagant technological change has been adduced.

We also find a Rolls Royce Dawn. The BMW subsidiary sells this model has a little more than a third of a million dollars. Despite an impressive weight of 5750 pounds, the Dawn manages to reach 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds. Not bad for a limo!

To complete the whole, the luxurious Garage houses a Mercedes 540K Special Roadster. We presently rated this edition has more than 15 million. It was made in very limited edition shortly before the Second World War. According to Mercedes-Benz 540K Roadster to have been produced in only 25 copies.

One can well afford to dream for a moment!

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