Audi A3 2012: The luxury, compact version

As published in the Auto Guide 2012

Although the Old Continent, the brand”s youngest title Audi returns to the modest A1, with us it is the A3, the modest family members. Not with out character, this car or truck will decline far more model: the 5-door traction, integral traction with a turbocharged petrol, or traction coupled with a strong turbo-diesel engine. And all these variants present a lot of luxury … in a compact size.
Mostly European, the idea of a luxury car or truck is modest all the exact same quantity of followers is right here. Is that the concept of ​​a modest car or truck was each strong, comfy, nicely equipped and economical started to catch on. The part of composition, A3 plays extremely nicely with his appear of a entire Germanic sobriety and assembly heals. Despite the fact that it was created on the exact same platform as the Volkswagen Golf, couple of parallels can be created in between the two automobiles, apart from the compact dimensions. The detail of the concern also transposes on the inside or the high-quality of finishing – outstanding, it goes with out saying – is equal to that of the other models of the brand. The front seats are each firm and comfy, while the space accorded to passengers taking spot at the back is revealed rather restricted. It will suit a young family members, but not genuinely for adults, at least not for a extended drive. Also, the roof line and the inclination of the rear window are such that the volume of the cargo space is restricted to 370 liters with the rear seatbacks are in position. Luckily, this can be enhanced to more than 1,500 liters by lowering these exact same records.

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Diesel honor
With the TDI A3 diesel engine that the German brand has deserved the title Green Automobile of the Year at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2010. And brought on: With its typical consumption, has the chiffree test in Quebec, 7. liters per 100 km and autonomy of almost 1000 kilometers on a single tank, this version of the A3 impresses with frugality. Superior but, this economy is not performed in functionality cost with out interest, rather the contrary. The 4-cylinder two. liter turbo-diesel, which develops 140 horses, but book impressive torque of 236 pound-feet, a major information that obtained by the petrol engine. The initial acceleration is not far more lightning, but the instances are, thanks to the couple normally generous. In terms of comfort, nonetheless, note that the engine noise is drastically present in the version with petrol engine. In addition, it is regrettably not possible to associate the integral cog in the diesel engine, this version of the A3 can not be fitted as straightforward traction.

The decision of integral cog automatically imply the engine choice turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol, which also group the A4 and the Q5. Prime has repeatedly by specialized magazine Ward”s Auto Planet as becoming one particular of the ten finest engines in the sector, this two.-liter turbocharged engine develops far more than sufficient energy in the case of A3, which enhances the “accreditation to conduct this family members. In addition, the frame of the A3 demonstrated a higher rigidity and as its path is extremely precise, the conduct of accreditation is at the rendezvous. The suspension proves at times closes when driving on degraded roads and tires hipster do not support the lead to of the A3 in these specific situations. Nonetheless, the handling remains great, particularly in the case of the integral cog equipped models, which present an clear benefit provided the rigors of our climate.

In the crystal ball
The Audi A3 will be entirely redesigned for model-year 2013. And if we appear at the successive unveilings of the A3 Idea Geneva Motor Show in March 2011 and the A3 e-tron idea hybrid presented to the Shanghai Motor Show a months later, every thing leads to think that a traditional sedan will be added to the variety. And as these two ideas of A3 are poles apart from one particular a different, there is a powerful opportunity that it is a comprehensive fan of engines that will be proposed in the case of the subsequent Audi compact in size and that a hybrid engine will be added to thermal gasoline engines and diesel.

The A3 idea presented at the Geneva Salon was animated by a strong 5-cylinder turbocharged engine developping 408 horses borrowed from the Audi TT RS, even though the A3 e-tron idea adopted a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine of 1.four liters and 201 horsepower paired has an electric engine developping 20 kilowatts, or about 27 horses. In terms of telematics, the TouchPad technique, created for the huge A8 luxury sedan, is anticipated to regain paired with MMI technique (Multi Media Interface) of the Audi A3 in the redesign. It is anticipated that the model series of the subsequent A3, as a sedan or hatchback – or possibly each – is unveiled in the Initial Planet Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. To see!

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