Audi now produces its own diesel

It appears that the manufacturer Audi is about to give a second life to the most polluting automotive fuel. Certainly, just after the building of the e-diesel study center (a renewable fuel and developed synthetically) final November, the business from Ingolstadt has announced that the extremely initially green diesel cuvee (absolutely nothing to do with the colour) has just been created.

The principle is not uncomplicated to clarify, but essentially, the manufacturing center collects the air filled with C02 injected with hydrogen obtained by electrolyzing water (this procedure is achieved making use of the electrical energy supplied by wind turbines or solar panels). This procedure provides a equivalent substance of oil, which is refined in a standard manner and then develop a fuel with the exact same properties as diesel.

This fuel earnings are visible, it is not only developed by making use of a dangerous substance to the atmosphere in also huge quantities, but its transformation is accomplished making use of renewable and non-polluting sources.

These handful of liters of clean diesel have been right away place to very good use, the German Minister for Education and Study, Johanna Wanka, has pours into the tank of his official automobile, an Audi A8 TDI.

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