Audi Q5 2015: Something for everyone

As published in the 2015 Automobile Guide

With the Q5, a luxury SUV, Audi arrow reality of any wood. Presents with hybrid engines, turbo and supercharged petrol, enables the Q5 has the German brand to occupy a number of niches. Lance final year in North America, the TDI model proves to be the most intriguing of the variety.

Q5 TDI Audi stands out by its encrypted consumption only six.five liters per 100 km on the highway, the revolving motor is much less than 800 revolutions / minute though it took a 120 km / hour. For a utility that displays integral cog 030 kilos pesee the (TDI model is heavier than fuel models to gasoline), this consumption rating is somewhat impressive and is partly explained by the reality that the Q5 TDI is endowed with an automatic transmission eight reports, producing it a automobile especially nicely suited to covering lengthy distances and barrel.

428 lb-ft of torque
In this niche, Mercedes-Benz gives a powered diesel version of its GLK and BMW has just adding a diesel model for the X3, but these two direct competitors are animated by 4-cylinder engines, though the Q5 TDI can count a turbocharged three.-liter V6 240 horsepower developping but above 428 foot-pounds of torque of 750 rpm. That is why the Q5 TDI reality sprinting from to

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